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Topic: JABB / Finale 2010 / Mac OS 10.6 - help please

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    JABB / Finale 2010 / Mac OS 10.6 - help please

    has anyone got JABB working as an AU plugin with f2010 on Mac 10.6 ? The player installed with JABB (V1.1.9) loads samples and seems to work via midi. The K 2.2.4 player gives me error messages whenever I load samples as standalone or AU. The K 3.5 does load samples but they sound awful - as if its in demo mode - and then there is only a limited library to choose from. f2010 is set correctly and gives me JABB as an option in new files. I'm not an expert on Garritan stuff but Steinway works well f2010 aria player is good, so what's the problem with JABB ?

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    Re: JABB / Finale 2010 / Mac OS 10.6 - help please

    Just try this:

    1. install JABB from the original installation disk of the package

    => afterwards, you have JABB with Kontakt Player 1 installed

    2. activate it using Service Center

    3. download the Kontakt Player 2.2.3 update for JABB and install it

    4. activate Kontakt Player 2

    5. update to Kontakt Player 2.2.4 (latest version)

    6. if you like, you can also upgrade to the free Kontakt Player 3 which can
    also load the JABB patches

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