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Topic: Inverting Envelopes Omnisphere

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    Inverting Envelopes Omnisphere

    Hey all,

    Is there a quick way to invert an envelope in Omnisphere? I was trying to invert a filter envelope and can't figure it out. I'm still pretty new to Omni, so perhaps I'm just missing something. Thanks for any help!


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    Re: Inverting Envelopes Omnisphere

    yes, there is an 'invert' button for each envelope, found in the modulation matrix window. to get there click the magnifying glass icon next to 'modulation' in the edit screen.

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    Re: Inverting Envelopes Omnisphere

    In addition to the invert found in the modulation matrix which you can use for modulation envelopes, filter envelopes have a dedicated invert button below the envelope depth knob. Search for "invert" in the reference guide to get a full description.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Inverting Envelopes Omnisphere

    Thanks for the replies, I knew there had to be a button for that envelope, don't know why I didn't see it!

    All the best,

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