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Topic: Trilian userdemos are online

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    Trilian userdemos are online

    during the betaphase i was so inspired by the great sounds in Trilian that i produced a couple of short demos with them.
    Now that Trilian is released i am uploading them to my vimeopage.
    The first one is called Here we are and features two of the new Funkbasses in Trilian.


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    Re: Trilian userdemos are online

    This one uses the new Fender and the Chapman Stick plus the vintage Trilogy upright


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    Re: Trilian userdemos are online

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Scheffler View Post
    the two new upright basses in action

    VERY, very nice job -- but I like this one especially... !!

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    Re: Trilian userdemos are online

    Thank you TT.
    The new uprights are totally killer.
    They really play themselves so to speak!

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    Re: Trilian userdemos are online

    Thank you Hans. Very smooth. Very smooth.

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    Re: Trilian userdemos are online

    Since i exceeded my weekly quota at Vimeo i upoaded two more clips to my youtube channel.
    The first one features the classic Jaco fretless in all its new glory.

    The second one features the Chapman stick for the theme, chords and bass.

    thats it for the weekend.......


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