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Topic: My Trilian demos

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    My Trilian demos

    I posted a bunch of Trilian demosongs on my vimeopage
    shows a tiny bit of the variety you get with the package

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    Re: My Trilian demos

    Bons démos, j'aime bien ! et jolie jeu de mots (Bass Partout) haha !

    Encore bravo !
    Mathieu Laprise

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    Re: My Trilian demos

    Sorry i dont speak french but i guess you are talking about the pun in the name Bass Partout!
    Couldnt resist that one!

    Happy that you enjoyed the clips

    Merci beaucoups!

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    Re: My Trilian demos

    Cool sounds and videos!
    Thanks for sharing.

    best wishes,


    free music video downloads at:

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