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Topic: I am devastated

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    I am devastated

    Obviously we all know what happened today. My best friend Glenn worked at the World Trade Center. I don\'t even know if he\'s alive. This is terrible.

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    Re: I am devastated

    Hi Damon,

    I hope your friend is alive. The last rumours are that 2 airplanes have been hijacked over Texas. I hope my friends in Austin will not see another action here.


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    Re: I am devastated

    Hi All,

    You might say what\'s happened has let us know how good we\'ve had it for a long time. My brother works on Wall Street, but I know he\'s safe. Damon I really feel for you not knowing if your freind is OK. The pundits are calling today\'s events \"This generation\'s Pearl Harbor.\" One correspondant recalled a Japanese general\'s observaqtion after Pearl Harbor, \"I\'m afraid we\'ve awakened a sleeping giant.\" All I know is what happened today certainly got my attention. I can\'t concentrate on work.

    What a difference a day makes! The world took a significant turn today.

    Steve www.mp3.com/stevechandler www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: I am devastated

    As a brit I grew up in London with the threat of IRA bombings. I was going to visit Harrods the day it was bombed. Thank G*d I changed my mind.

    I now live in the US and this is just on another scale all together. It\'s scary.

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    Re: I am devastated

    The people responsible for this are not human and deserve what is going to come to them. The news reel of the Palestinians dancing in the street and throwing candy around makes me sick. What kind of coward takes a plane full of innocent civilians and then crashes into buildings with other innocent civilans? These fn\' holes deserve everything they are going to get.

    PS...like Damon just said....don\'t bother giving me or anyone else the what if thing either. At least out of respect for the innocent dead...don\'t bother going there.


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    Re: I am devastated

    Just because you are raised there doesn\'t mean you believe in it. Nuking \"them\" would be in the same vein as the crashes to the WTC. Killing innocents to make a point and get some people...while getting some \"important poeple\" at the same time.

    There are many people in the Middle east who don\'t agree with the terrorist tactics.

    I know you\'re frustrated and mad Damon, but dont let the acts of Ignorants turn you into a prejiduced person.

    Anyhow,..yah this is not the place to discuss this.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: I am devastated

    I am angry. Everyone is angry. There are no words to decribe such an attrocity.

    There is no punishmnet that could possibly fit such a crime. But \'these people\' are a figment of the imagination. The US government created Bin Laden as it created Sadam (it needed the Afghans to fight the Russians and the Iraqis to fight Iran).

    There are horrible things that go on at some strange level that the rest of us are not privvy to. But when Oklahoma City happened there were calls to bomb \'the Middle East\' as if somehow all the millions of peaceful people who happened to be born there were responsible.

    This has nothing to do with religion. Just as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had nothing to do with religion. Just as shooting down an Iranian passenger plane had nothing to do with religion. There are bad, bad people in the world and they want you to react exactly the way you\'re reacting. They want to see evil done in whatever name.

    I just pray that the politicians do not succumb to the need to make \'someone\' pay (that is; anyone, however innocent). I pray that they do not add to the murder of the innocent that happened today. If you lived next door to a serial killer, does that make you a serial killer? The \'Middle East\' is a big place. It is full of people just like you and me. These evil men want the US to go in, guns blazing, so that they might rerospectively justify their murder.

    People in the \'Middle East\' are humans beings. They are not animals. Be angry. But vent your anger where it belongs. I fear that the attitudes displayed here will win and mass lynchings of the innocent will occur. But god, please, I hope not.

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    Re: I am devastated

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>My friend might be dead because of this tragedy, so Z6 please don\'t spew any \"peace talk\" on me bro.

    Well you may not want to hear peace talk, so let me ask you. Has the strategy of reprisals worked for Isreal? What we\'ve experienced today is a single large scale version of what they get every day. Yet it\'s obvious that violence only begets violence.

    You ask how can they be called real people? Until you\'ve experienced what the Palestinian\'s have experienced I wouldn\'t second guess their judgement. In my experience people always do things that make sense at the time. I personally believe that both sides in the middle eastern conflict have contributed to what we experienced today.

    That the USA is now involved is obvious. It seems to me Bush has up to now chosen to distance himself from the conflict. Perhaps today he will see that that was an error of judgement. The USA needs to play a leadership role and unfortunately our particpation in world affairs is not optional. We need to NOT stoop to the level of terrorists, but rather keep to as high a road as possible. Given the hawks I\'m hearing around me I don\'t have high hopes. That\'s my perspective.


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    Re: I am devastated

    Well lets just do nothing. How about that? Let\'s let these f-ckers keep attacking us and killing. Yeah, good idea. You guys really think that these maniacs are gonna stop what they\'re doing? I doubt it.
    I am by far not a violent person but we certainly can\'t just let this atrocity pass us by and say \"Give Peace a chance.\" This could lead to a nuclear war for godsake if we don\'t stop them in time.
    I hope we take MAJOR affirmative action against these people.
    I am so blown away that some of you could think this after seeing all of the destruction on TV today.

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    Re: I am devastated

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>This has nothing to do with religion. Just as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had nothing to do with religion. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    To compare today\'s terrorist act to the bombings of Japan during a declared world war is ridiculous and insulting. The bombing of Japan was a military action designed to cause the surrender of a country that made a first strike on US soil. Today\'s attack was an unprovoked act of war by fanatic cowards.

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