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Topic: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

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    Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    I have given very little thought to buying a bass library before. Sort of like RMX. I never thought I'd want a loop library until I bought it and then I had no idea how I survived without it. The videos for Trilian are unbelievable. Congrats Eric and team. Gonna have to save my pennies for this one.

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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    Totally worth it. Probably more.

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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    If you're a previous Spectrasonics owner, it's a no brainer.
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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    Quote Originally Posted by bluntinstrument View Post
    If you're a previous Spectrasonics owner, it's a no brainer.
    I wasn't excited to get a bass module (I usually play a real bass), but the upgrade price for 64bit VSTi with 34 G of samples was hard to pass up. Plus I don't have an acoustic bass, and I like some of the bass synths for lead sounds.

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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    I also got interested after I saw the videos

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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    I've only been playing with it for a couple of hours, and it's absolutely magnificent. Quite astonishing. Spectrasonics has raised the bar yet again.

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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    The videos were incredible. I have to get my hands on this, I haven't heard a bass sound that good....not a plugin. And that was just from the video, I can't even imagine what it sounds like in person!
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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    4 days to get from USA to UK- Ace!

    Installing- great idea putting the video on the DVD. Made it very easy.

    I know the new acoustic bass is the dogs danglies, but it was SO good to hear the acoustic bass from Trilogy again- I've missed it!

    Thanks Spectronics. That's a hell of a free upgrade!
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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    The videos were off the hook. I really like the idea of customizing the interface for my own patches...yeah. Tuesday is takin' forever to get here.

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    Re: Trilian (Holy S**t!!!)

    Just watched the videos and can't wait to have this one. The idea of "just" a bass module doesn't sound that fascinating, but this is something different. Hopefully Logic will be 64 bit soon as Trillian seems to use a lot of memory.

    Btw, the Spectrasonics customer service deserves a big thanks. I had some minor problems with ordering and everything was solved immediately. That's how it's supposed to go.

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