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Topic: Trilian - so far a no go

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    Trilian - so far a no go

    Just got Trilian today and installed on a Core2 Duo 2.6ghz w.6gb ram. I'm using XP64x with Cubase 32 bit. All i get is asio spikes and buzz when playing patches. I downloaded and installed the update but still the same thing. I haven't had these issues with anything else and my basic starting template is Omnisphere, Kontakt and NI Maschine and never any spikes.

    Even alone Trilian is not usable. I'm wondering if there is a streaming setting that needs adjusting . Also I'd suggest including the size of the patches in an info line to be seen before loading.

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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    That shouldn't be happening. Contact tech support and we see about getting you up and running.


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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    Thanks Eric. I emailed support and will wait to hear.

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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    Noticed also that the plugin can be glitchy/late sometimes. Overall the performance on my machine is good. I have about the same specs like the OP, using a fireface 400.

    Some more detail:

    Some patches can take up to 2,5Gb of memory and multis sometimes go up to 3,5Gb. The streaming mechanism can be configured on how much memory should be loaded.
    Sometimes the plugin seems to be too late with keyswitching back and forth and I guess this could have something to do with the loading of samples in the background? Will have some more playing with it this weekend so will report if I notice any other issues.

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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    I am running an AMD 9500 quadcore with 4gig of Ram in WinXP SP2 with the 3 gig switch. My DAW is Cubase 4.5. I too get buzzes and glitches with every patch and multi I have tried in Trilian, even the 1MB synth waves exhibit this.

    I have messed with the streaming setttings, and adjusted the latency on my sound card. Nothing yet has helped.

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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    Trilian is performing beautifully here on my system (see signature), so that suggests those problems may be related to your computer or DAW. Best perhaps to contact Spectrasonics support?? Like Omnisphere, one does need a fairly robust and up to date system to run Trilian, so if one is struggling with only a few GB RAM or overall resources are strained, then one could indeed experience performance problems. But Trilian itself seems solid. I haven't experienced one glitch since I got it, and I've used it for at least 8 hours so far. I mention that just to assure you that the plug-in itself is fine..........playz
    Cubase 7.0.3, Wavelab 7.1, Omnisphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX, Symphobia 1 & 2 , all Spitfire libraries, LASS 2, Requiem Pro, Voxos, Superior Drummer 2, Komplete 8, Cinematic Guitars, most EW libraries, Chris Hein Horns, Guitar & Bass, 2.8 GHz Mac Pro, 18 GB RAM, OS 10.6.8, RME Multiface II + HDSP PCIe

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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    Hi playz,

    Did you try the multis and noticed when keyswitching that sometimes the momentary switch back is too late? You didn't have any issues with samples not being loaded by the stream engine coming up too late? You're on a mac and we're on windows 7 in my case so that's hard to compare?

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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    I spent some time with tech and I'm now awaiting an email response. I think its definitely the plug in ,not my system.My basic templkate is Omnisphere , Kontakt and NI Maschine. I can easily run Omnis with five multi timbral layers no problems.

    When I load Trilian ,even before a sound is loaded I get asio spikes that are in rythmic 5 sec intervals. Even loading Trilian by itself and then loading the smallest Bass Legends patch brings the same spike and a periodic 1sec buzz when I hold a note. Nothing like this on Omnisphere which is the exact same engine.

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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    Works beautifully on my DIY i7 PC. The acoustic sounds in particular are killer!

    Andy B

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    Re: Trilian - so far a no go

    I get the exact same behavior as Impact. Please post the tech support results and I will do the same.

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