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Topic: Can someone help me read this?

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    Can someone help me read this?

    I have a horn chart I am trying to get sequenced and I am confused on some of the notations.


    Can anyone tell me what he means tpt 2 -8ba to 1. Do I understand that the second tpt to be down an octave from what is written until 1? Or is 1st tpt up an octave until 1? Also, is the top or bottom line in measures 6 and 7 the 2nd horn part? Or is that simply a dash and the 2nd tpt is up an octave?

    Thanks to anyone who can decipher horn speak.

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    Re: Can someone help me read this?

    The second trumpet plays an octave lower than written until rehearsal number 1. The first trumpet plays as written.

    In measure 6-7, where there are two notes, the first trumpet plays the top note, the second trumpet the lower. I have to assume that, where there is only one note, the second trumpet goes back to playing the written part an octave lower, though the notation isn't clear on this point.
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