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Topic: Omni Update?

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    Omni Update?

    Just curious when that puppy will be up?

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    Re: Omni Update?

    There's an update today but for some reason they can't authorize my email or serial number on their website.

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    Re: Omni Update?

    can i ask where did you see the update i could not find it in my user area?

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    Re: Omni Update?

    1.04g has been up for awhile. Eric mentioned somewhere that an update that allows trilian files to played in Omni would be up on Friday. I know he's busy, so its all cool. Also that bug that forced you to open the plug in window in Ableton otherwise Live mode would stick, is a pain in the .

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    Re: Omni Update?

    In Omnisphere you click on the logo and click check for updates.

    Patches is 1.04 now - maybe it's been out for a while, but I don't have it and their site doesn't like my login - only for this update though. I can log in to see the knowledge base though.

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    Re: Omni Update?

    yes, thats been out for about a week. I don't think there are any new patches in that, just a re-org. I was hoping for a software update.

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    Re: Omni Update?

    Hi All,

    I was wondering about this too. I heard somewhere, it seems to me, that Omnisphere would be updated to 64 bit in October. Anyone know anything?

    Regards John

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    Re: Omni Update?

    Next week for the Omnisphere update. :-)

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    Re: Omni Update?

    Great Eric! Will Omnisphere officially be 64-bit compatible with that update? I am really having good results with the 64-bit Stylus RMX on Windows 7/64 & Cubase 5.1/64.

    Omnisphere and Stylus RMX are a very integral part of my music, and I really appreciate all the hard work you have done on your fine products.

    "I would rather compose than decompose."

    Sean C. Dockery

    Cubase 5, Komplete 6, Alchemy, PLAY, Vienna Instruments, Spectrasonics, and much more

    INTEL|CORE I7 980X 3.33G, 12G CORSAIR DDR3, SSD 160G|OCZ for OS.

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    Re: Omni Update?

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum View Post
    Next week for the Omnisphere update. :-)
    Does that mean 64 bit? :-)

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