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Topic: Real or Sampled?

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    Real or Sampled?

    Getting responses to my main Real vs Sampled listening exercise was like pulling teeth.

    So, to get more discussion going, let\'s make it much easier:

    Here is today\'s single 27 seconds long excerpt: http://www.btinternet.com/~veridical.sounds/9-10-2001.mp3

    All I would like you to do is reply saying whether you think the \'pop\' style brass in this excerpt is real or sampled and give a reason for your opinion.

    This time, I expect responses to flood in quickly. (I hope!)


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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    Please correct me if I\'m wrong but thats just a cut from a late 70\'s tune that I can\'t seem to remember the name of...


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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    Some old Isacc Hayes song?

    Sounds like real brass to me - the attacks keep varying, the timbre keeps varying, they start a bit out of time when they kick into the 16th motif. All the hallmarks of human beings

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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    Hi Donnie,

    Regardless of the tune, please say whether you think the brass is real or sampled and give the reason for your opinion.

    p.s. None of the excerpts from any of my \'real vs sampled\' listening exercises come from commercially available recordings.

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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    To me it sounds like samples (good samples) played via midi. I\'m a horn player, and I just sort of imagine that I would add a subtle crescendo to the early sustained notes that I don\'t hear. A composer could fake it with the right expression programming, but it\'s a trick to program what\'s not difficult to play in a more interesting manner. There\'s so much action in the backup, wouldn\'t the conductor ask for more motion/expression from the horns?

    At the end, what should be double tounging is not crisp enough, and that crescendo (tuka tuka duh, tuka tuka da da) just gets louder, not brassier.

    I\'m trying to be critical here, if I just heard it on the radio, I wouldn\'t think anything was wrong with it, and it would fit right into a Barry White tune - I like it.

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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    Hi Sam,

    It\'s nice to receive a response from a brass instrument player like yourself. Thanks for your detailed reply.


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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    I\'d have to guess real. I only listened for a minute or so, but the differences in the opening repeated phrase lead me to this conclusion. Also, the double-tounging section while pretty tight, sounded varitously sloppy in that real way. Is varitously a word...?

    Anyway, what I heard could have been smart writing on the programer/composer\'s part in that begining section, and the minute \"sloppy\" stuff might have just been my ears playing tricks on me becasuse of the horn player that was sustaining through some of that tongue action. Hard call, but I still think real.


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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks very much for your response.

    You said: \"I only listened for a minute or so,...\". Why? The excerpt stops after 27 seconds.

    Joking apart, I think that quite a few posters on this thread must be listening much more critically than myself to the excerpt. I myself wouldn\'t call the \'performance\' \"... sloppy\", \"... not crisp enough\", \"... a bit out of time\"!

    Best regards

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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    Hopefully you don\'t jump down my throat, but it sounds like QL Brass.

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    Re: Real or Sampled?

    Hi Nick,

    Welcome back from Ukelele country.
    I want more responses yet before I provide the answer. However, I do own a license for your QL Brass.

    Best regards

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