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Topic: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

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    Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    Ok, I did a little experimenting today and came up with a trumpet sound I am pretty excited about. Let me know what you think. Apologies to Mr. Williams for using his intellectual property here.

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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    sounds nice!!!
    tell us about.

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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    Woah... I like! The attack is outstanding. I could have alot of fun with this. May I ask what you were experimenting with so that I might attempt an experiment of my own...?

    Very Nice

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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    Sorry, I was away from the computer since I posted.

    No big tricks. Actually it was pretty simple. The sound you are hearing is a layer of 2 or 3 patches (depending on the intensity of the attack). I did very little tweaking after initially playing the part.

    Two of the patches are from the newly released Dan Dean Solo Brass library (which I love) and the 3rd patch is from Quantum Leap Brass.

    The Dan Dean Solo Brass trumpet has really captured the intensity of the attack that I was looking for, but I\'m not thrilled with the \"ensemble mode\" patch included with the library (ensemble mode is really just a bonus patch anyway--the point of the library is great solo instruments). So I layered it with the Quantum Leap trumpet ensemble, which I thought has a good sustained sound.

    The result is this trumpet sound. If you listen to the actual recorded tracks of these songs, the trumpet sound in them is almost identical (IMO).

    So mucho thanks to Dan (with a big assist from Nick) for finally getting me the trumpet ensemble sound I have wanted for about 20 years!

    BTW, the trombone and tuba in the Dan Dean collection are really good too. I haven\'t played as much with the other instruments yet as I was having too much fun with the trumpets.

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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    Dan dean Brass here I come

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    I like the trumpet sound but not the reverb. Sounds like I couldn\'t get into the performance so I\'m listening from the cement entrance tunnel behind the stage.

    Actually it sound like the NFX reverb, which I can\'t make sound damped or like a space that\'s both pleasant and realistic... Well there are plenty of digital reverbs that could do that ringy sound, but IMO it compromises your sound here.

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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    Sam, that is funny because I was just about to point out how I really liked the reverb on that example. It really adds to the realism. The Raiders.mp3 shows some great staccato sounds (probably from Dan Dean\'s Brass) that makes these trumpets sound great. Please upload more examples. I\'d like to hear how well the trumpet does on its own (without QLB). Obviously you\'re the man to make Dan Dean Brass demos. Please show us more. Trombone and horn would be great.


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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    Yes the staccato sounds are from the Dan Dean library. They are really tight.

    Thomas, when I get home I will try to upload the same demos with the QLB ensemble removed. I really like how they work together, but I know that purchasing both libraries is expensive. It is possible that you could blend the Dan Dean brass with other brass libraries and get similar results.

    As for the reverb, I am using the Orchestral Hall reverb off of my Roland VS-880 effects board. I\'ve always liked the sound it gives, but reverb preferences seem to be a very personal thing.

    I DID attempt to match the sounds off of the actual recordings (one of which was recorded in Boston in a symphony hall) and I thought the reverb I used matched decently well. Remember that you don\'t hear trumpets playing by themselves in an orchstral hall much--usually the whole orchestra is playing too. They are really going to bounce around in there when they are the only instrumets playing and they are balls to the wall.

    Maybe I will try to upload some dry examples too, but I don\'t have unlimited space.

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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    Yep you have that bright and crispy sound of decent Bb trumpet players in a properly spaced mic setup. Prefect ambience. I\'m really looking forward to more examples by you. Don\'t bother with dry examples. They are of little relevance IMO. I think your reverb is just fine.


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    Re: Are these the trumpets you are looking for?

    I gotta say I liked the reverb as well, and can\'t wait to hear more. The demos on DDPro left me a bit uncertain, but this cinches it. Plz upload some more stuff... It\'s gonna be almost 3 more weeks before I can buy, and that\'s a WHOLE lotta pacing.

    Thanks for the sample, J.

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