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Topic: Msgsrv32 ... Sound Familiar?

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    Msgsrv32 ... Sound Familiar?

    I\'ve been trying to do some research into why I\'m having so many problems with this msg on startup. I think I\'ve traced it in some way to Gigasampler and Cubase not wanting to play well together on my system. I reinstall windows, over and over again. Each time the system works wonderfully (even for a month or more without the software having been opened and installed). Then I install and run these porgrams concurrently, and viola! A crash occurs, and then next 8-10 times I reboot I get a Msgrv32 Error msg in an old-school win3.1 window. (If this happens, there is no hope of opening Cubase or using Gigastudio, as the system will shut itself off if I try)

    So, while I spend the next year of my life scowering the internet for some clue, I thought I\'d find out if anyone here has had similiar difficulties and maybe found solutions?

    Take Care All

    Side Note:
    In case it helps, my system make up (as old as it is) is as follows:

    PII450, 512MB PC100, (2) Maxtor ATA100 45GB drives, Asus V6600 video card, Sony CDrw, Delta 4/4 sound card, and a SBLive for games and extra midi. (hey don\'t knock the old girl, she\'s held up for years now, and I can still play new games on her! An upgrade is coming though,

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    Re: Msgsrv32 ... Sound Familiar?

    Which windows version are you running?
    And which Gigasampler/Gigastudio version?

    I rembember there was a problem with a
    giga version running on Win95 which
    caused a crash in msgrv32.
    Nemesys made a patch to fix that.

    kind regards

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    Re: Msgsrv32 ... Sound Familiar?

    Sorry I took so long to respond. Computer went down for a while while I tried different ways of installing/managing windows, giga, and cubase. My other apps seem fine with this arrangement, but I\'m still having probs. Now Cubase is giving me errors refering to the ASIO drivers for the delta. I\'ve seen delta cards used with Cubase before with no probs... Giga seems fine most of the time with the card, then I open the sequencer and within the next hour or so, the sound just stops. Everything is still opened and running fine, but no sound. Steinberg\'s tech support isn\'t doing much for me, so I\'m keeping my fingers crossed that someone else has had similiar probs and could give me a pointer.

    As far as the initial prob goes, I hadn\'t seen the error pop up after I reinstalled carefully until just last night as I was shutting down. Msgsrv32, still there.

    Well, I realize this is a sample discussion forum, and that Is why I\'m here, but I figured I might as well throw this out there and see if I\'m not the only one this has happened to. To answer yer question, I\'m running Win98 SE.

    I\'m keepin my fingers crossed here, but not holding my breath for a miracle-working sample-user to troubleshoot my system with next to no info. (I can dream though, right?) If any suggestions, plz lay em on me. I\'ll try anything.


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    Re: Msgsrv32 ... Sound Familiar?

    Hi MichaelAngelo450:

    I have just helped a friend in your situation, this is what you should do.

    1) Buy Norton Ghost (can make an image from dos.)

    2) Format your C-drive and make a fresh install of Win98SE with only the necessary stuff, like graphic card, mouse, soundcards,etc.

    3) now make an image-file with ghost.

    4) Now install one program at a time and see what happens. When you have installed all and it works without Msgrv32 error, then make a new image-file.

    5) Now you have 2 versions and can go all the way back to a very fresh or the advanced version in only 5 minutes, if you have crashes again.


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    Re: Msgsrv32 ... Sound Familiar?

    Hi again mike
    Its too bad that my system does\'t look
    anything like yours, except for gigastudio
    and Win98SE - that makes it a bit difficult to help your out, but I\'ll try anyway.

    First of all one of the big killers is ASIO, MME and GSIF drivers working side by side.
    On my soundcard (Hoontech C-port) there\'s a
    switch in the hardware setting to run drivers independent of each other.
    If your Delta has anything like it - switch
    it on.
    Another thing known to cause Giga to
    get agitated, is harddisks with certain automatic regulators, eg thermoregulator etc.
    If Maxtor has this stuff, maybe there\'s a way to turn it of.
    How is your interrupt sharing?
    Have you tried to use another PCI slot for
    the delta card?

    There\'s a couple of usefull links that
    has a lot of instructions on how to setup
    a computer for advanced sound processing:

    RME: http://www.rme-audio.com/english/index.htm
    There\'s a section called Service Corner
    Choose the \'Tech Info\' link and there
    you\'ll find an article called:
    \'Tuning Tips for Low Latency operation\'

    Especially the articles:
    \'What are IRQ\'s and what do they do?\'
    \'Tweaking Windows 98\'

    Oh, and I second Scarbee\'s notion on the
    Norton Ghost - I know it\'s saved me from
    loosing my sanity!

    Sorry for unstructured way this was written.
    If none of the above rings a bell - we will
    have to take a more structured approach.

    By the way - try posting in either the
    Hardware issue or soundcard forum on this
    site - maybe there\'s someone who uses a
    Delta card and who knows exactly what to do.

    best regards

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    Re: Msgsrv32 ... Sound Familiar?

    Without sounding too much like a smart-arse, with computers at an all time low, why not buy a dedicated machine for Giga? This would probably solve all of your problems, VERY quickly, plus it would keep the sequencer machine open for plug ins, virtual synths, etc.

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    Re: Msgsrv32 ... Sound Familiar?

    Thanks for the tips everybody, I\'ve now got everything working wonderfully! The biggest issue was such an easy fix too, I still can\'t believe I didn\'t think about it. Once I updated the Delta\'s drivers from M-Audio\'s website, Cubase warmed right up, and Giga decided that it should be friendly as well.

    I agree that two computers are better suited to this. I\'m in school right now, and therefore have to wait for my student loan to come in before I can get one, but will be doing that within weeks.

    Do I need to buy a 4x4 usb midi device to keep all four ports available for control on a two comp setup? AtM, since Cubase exists within the same system as GS, it controls all 64 channels of midi. When GS is on a separate comp, how will Cubase speak to those other 3 ports? Can it be done over the network, or does it need to be a midi device?

    Anyway, the hard stuff is done, and I\'m still on a steep learning curve. Thanks for the suggestions. That web site is REALLY helpful too.


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