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Topic: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

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    Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    This is probably an easy one for you GS pros, but I\'m a newbie so please go easy.

    I recently purchased some of the Sonic Implants Drum Implants library and I noticed when checking out the sounds that the open hi-hats aren\'t able to be choked as a drummer would with the foot pedal (or maybe they are and I just don\'t know how - the library comes with no documentation). Does anyone know if this is a feature of this library and, if not, how I might achieve this effect? To me this is an essential part of a hi-hat sound. How can you create grooves if you can\'t choke the hats going into the down beat!?

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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    I\'d contact Sonic Implants directly. I am sure they answer...



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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    Maybe this library was programmed with Gigasampler in mind, which never got the choke function implemented, but with Gigastudio it\'s a pretty simple edit.

    1. Load the drumkit with the hats into the editor.

    2. Locate the keys/regions which contain the hihats which you want to use for choking. The little midi icon on the top right of the keyboard graphic makes the selected note switch with keyboard input, which is handy for doing this.

    3. Right click on the region you;re choking with. You\'ll see a menu which says something like \'key group\'.

    4. If you enter the same key group number for all your hihats, they become exclusive of eachother and any newly played hat cuts off any existing hat sample. That\'s pretty much standard drum machine style choking.

    5. Don\'t forget to save your changes!

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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    Thanks so much for the help, Chadwick. Just to clarify, are you saying that this type of edit can only be done with Gigastudio and not with Gigasampler?

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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    I\'m afraid so.

    Exclusive keygroups was a function intended for Gigasampler but never implemented. It IS on Gigastudio.

    Because the button comes up in Gigasampler, it\'s a glaringly missing feature.

    I suppose it\'s down to Nemesys/Tascam deciding how far to take Gigasampler. I think they feel that anyone who wants new features will \'upgrade\' to Gigastudio - and that\'s why they offer the discounted upgrade path occasionally.

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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    Choking?, if you mean stopping the open hi hat sound right away, then simply hit one of the closed hi hat keys when you want to choke. Apply a bass drum hit at the same time you hit one of the closed hi hat keys, that works well. Excuse me if I\'m not understanding your question. I use Sonic Implants drums, mainly for their clear hi pitched hi hats.

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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums


    Yes, that\'s how I assume that it would work. However, when I hit one of the closed hi-hat keys (or any other key for that matter), the open hi-hat is not cut off and keeps ringing. I love the sound of the hats, otherwise, too, which is why I\'m hoping to solve this problem. I\'m using the Blue Jay Small Ambient kits as well as the Session kits, by the way.

    Are you using Gigasampler or Gigastudio? Chadwick has indicated that you need to use keygroups to do this and that they are not supported under Gigasampler. If this is true, then it\'s pretty lame.

    [This message has been edited by cobra7 (edited 09-06-2001).]

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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    If you ARE using Gigasampler, all I can think of is trying to fake a choke.

    Try setting the release time on the open hihat to very short, then play the full hihat part. While you\'re playing, the open hats will probably sound horribly short. Once you\'re done, use the sequencer track editing facilities to \'force legato\'. This will change the duration of each note so that it lasts until the beginning of the next note on the track. In the end you have a track which sounds like new closed hats choking off open hats.

    It\'s not elegant, and it\'s not fun to listen to while you play the part in, but it\'ll sound OK in the end.

    Why don\'t you lobby the Tascam boys for \'one last Gigasampler update\' for old times?

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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    OHHH!!! Ok, you are using GigaSampler, sorry. I\'m using GigaStudio. No problems with any of the drum kits/hi hats I have. Why not upgrade to GigaStudio? Is there any benefits to staying with GSampler? I never used that before....

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    Re: Choking the Hi-Hats with Sonin Implants Drums

    Well, my reasons for not upgrading to GigaStudio are kinda of on principal. Prior to buying GS, I was looking for a drum module that would provide fairly realistic and flexible drum sounds to use for sequencing drum parts in Cubase - I was considering the Alesis DM5 or DMPro. I then talked to a salesman from an online dealer who told me about Gigasampler and how amazing the sample quality is. I checked out the Nemesys Web site, listened to the demos, and read the system requirements and I was impressed. So, I figured, for about $250 I get this great sampler product and they throw in a really good grand piano sample (Gigapiano) and it will give me realistic, velocity switched drum and bass samples - just what I was looking for.

    I get Gigasampler and order a couple of drum and bass libraries for it. I then find out that to really run GS \"correctly\" with Cubase, I should buy another computer to dedicate to GS. Now I\'m finding out that I can\'t even doing something as simple as choke hi-hats in a drum library without upgrading to Gigastudio...and so on and so on. This seems to be turning into a money pit.

    I don\'t have a ton of cash to dedicate to what is currently a hobby for me. I\'ve already spent a few thousand dollars to get my home studio put together. So this is what makes me reluctant to upgrade to Gigastudio, plus I\'m sure that Gigastudio would be even more resource intensive and make it almost mandatory that I buy another computer for it. I can see the need to upgrade to Gigastudio to obtain the FX processing features and the like if I needed that, but a basic feature like keygroups should be supported in both products since it\'s an integral feature to instrument design in GS (i.e. an instrument built in Gigastudio should perform the same way in Gigasampler and vice-versa).

    If I\'m going to throw more money at this, I might just go out and buy HALion since it will integrate with Cubase better and not require another PC, especially since HALion will now import .gig files and I can use the bass and drum libraries that I\'ve bought for GS.

    Sorry to go off on this rant, I\'m just a bit frustrated with trying to get GS to work for me. This is by no means the fault of GS (except maybe the non-support of keygroups in Gigasampler). It is an amazing, ground-breaking product. It\'s just that I didn\'t realize that it would cost so much to make it work. This is my own fault for not investigating the product more before purchasing it, although I believe that Nemesys could have been more clear as to the requirements of the product in their literature and web site. I have since found the salesman that sold me GS to have a propensity for trying to sell me products that will require significant additional investment down the road to get them working. Smart sales tactic, lousy way to do business. Maybe I\'ll play around with it some more to see if I can get it working, or maybe I\'ll go out and buy HALion and start a whole new set of problems. Such is this music game that I love!

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