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Topic: Nocturne in Blue - Jazz Quartet

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    Nocturne in Blue - Jazz Quartet

    Taken a few weeks to orchestrate - even though it is fairly simple, I usually find that these are the pieces that can be even more complicated to get a delicate balance.

    Enjoy as always.

    Alto Sax, Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Piano

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    Re: Nocturne in Blue - Jazz Quartet

    You certainly got the balance right. The instruments form a very cohesive sound, sometimes sounding as one different instrument. It is also blue, and nocturnal. It stimulates the imagination, and brings some relaxation too. It's also a solid piece, jazzy, but accessible (something I doubted after the first bars...). It's really a mood piece, not unlike the "Landscape" submission in this forum, that I listened to just before. A nice piece with a warm yet distant sound. Thanks!

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    Re: Nocturne in Blue - Jazz Quartet

    Thank you Theo.
    There's one bar with 5 notes missing in RH Piano part, but only I can hear it (or not as the case maybe), so not much of a problem at moment.

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