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Topic: Jacks Music

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    Jacks Music

    Anybody here buy anything from Jacks music?


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    Re: Jacks Music


    I ordered Dan Dean Woodwinds from them a few months ago. The package arrived in 2 days. The shipping charges were quite reasonable and the price blew away anywhere else.

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    Re: Jacks Music

    I ordered some software. They sent the wrong package but there was no trouble returning it for a refund. I would use them again (making absolutely sure that they got the order correct).

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    Re: Jacks Music

    I had the same experience as Haydn. But I haven\'t had a chance to use the woodwinds yet. Currently, I\'m holed up in Newfoundland, having been diverted on my way home from a hiking trip to Switzerland. I\'ll be using the clarinet first, and I\'m sure I\'ll be writing you asking about the easiest way to add vibrato.

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