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Topic: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

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    Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    I\'m looking for a great solo oboe. Right now I\'ve got Miroslavs and AOs oboe sounds, and I\'m looking for a more expressive better oboe. Can anyone tell me what Dans oboe is like?

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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    Although I haven\'t used the Dan Dean oboe, I\'m pretty sure it doesn\'t come close to the expressiveness in the miroslav samples due to the way they sampled it. It\'s basically non-vibrato and vibrato samples at different velocities. I think the miroslav solo oboe is quite nice, although I agree there is room for improvement. There really aren\'t any alternatives when it comes to oboes. It\'s either dan dean, miroslav or AO (the AO one is horrible IMO though) The prosonus oboe is useless.


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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    Bruce, can you please post a demo to convince us about this? I would love to hear the DD oboe and other instruments from DDWW, because frankly the demos that have been done, have only made me certain not to buy the library.

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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    I\'m glad you enlightened us on that Bruce! I hope you didn\'t take my post as negative criticism toward Dan Deans Oboe, because like I said I haven\'t tried it. I\'m still with Simon on this one though, is it possible to hear some decent demos that sounds convincing (All the Dan Dean libraries are severely lacking in the demos department, why can\'t we get a demo from each instrument? like with miroslav vitous?)


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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    Thanks for the reply Bruce . I would love to hear a little 20 second or so demo of the DD oboe as well. Could you put one up for us?

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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    I second that (or 4th or whatever). Bruce, if you did have time to put up a little snippet of the DD oboe, it would help. I have Vitous and AO, and like Damon, have wanted to add new woodwinds.


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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    I also own the DD Solo Woodwinds and would agree with Bruce about the expressiveness of all of the instruments in that library. They are amazing.

    That being said, in terms of solo oboe samples I think that XSample\'s oboe is in the same league as DD. It doesn\'t have as many dynamic layers, but I find that the samples have more \'personality\'. That is subjective, but I find that if the oboe needs to stand out I would use the XSample oboe first. Note however that the XSample is only has a vibrato sample.

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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    I also own the Dean Dean oboe, I it\'s the only one is use now. Of all the oboes out there, I like this one the best.
    There is another oboe avalible from x-sample, which I have, but I almost never use that one either.
    I have a demo with an oboe solo. Go to: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/271/dh_rottering.html

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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    I just loaded up Dan Dean\'s oboe and it is absolutely perfect and right on!

    I know very well from experience what an oboe sounds like. An old girl friend from several years ago is a symphony oboist. She plays a Loree oboe. I have heard plenty of oboist and oboe samples, and Dan Dean\'s oboe is the best by far. Many oboist and oboe samples have a \"ducky\" and \"nasal\" sound, which is not a pleasing sound at all.

    Dan Dean\'s oboe has a very pure and \"open\" sound which is absolutely gorgeous. Dan\'s english horn has these same wonderful characteristics as well.

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: Need opinions on Dan Deans Solo Oboe

    It really depends on what you call \"expressive\"

    The samples in DD are fairly static, but it has many dynamic layers.

    Basically this is great if you have a piece that isn\'t \"sparse\" or doesn\'t have long sustaining notes.

    Anyhow. I\'m working on some techniques/instrument editing to get around this, because basic expression control doesn\'t sound all that great to me.

    I built a crossfading English horn out of DDSW samples that has some phasing problems but wth reverb doesn\'t sound TOOO bad. Still the character of the louder and higher notes isn\'t my favorite. In fact I\'m kind of disapointed with the higher notes.

    I wish it came with Crecendo samples so I could atleast do crossfades with those.. O even better Calibrate my crossfading instrumetns to them

    Dan, did you sample any?

    Can anyone suggest some good music with long crecendos of the solo instruments that I might be able to calibrate the crossfading to?

    EDIT- http://www.musicyouneed.com/yup/ddenghorntest.mp3

    this is a comparison of the \"new\" edit and the original DD eng horn. Both performances aren\'t perfect, but you can hear the basic differences. I also added some EG mod control.

    i still have one more big trick up my sleeve on building another intrument. but Its going to take ALOT of time and patience and editing..all of which I\'m not sure I want to spend on these samples.....
    since tere are so many and I\'m not sure it will be worth while...

    Really...I am an Idiot

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