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Topic: Attn Advanced Orchestra users! Help!!

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    Attn Advanced Orchestra users! Help!!

    I am going through my Advanced Orchestra String Ensemble instruments with the goal of using them to create one GM MIDI string ensemble instrument. Before I do this I need to understand the structure of the Advanced Orchestra instruments. I know it uses dimension switching, but it doesn\'t appear to be velocity switched. Also, in the editor, it shows that there is a layer dimension, but I don\'t understand what this is. What is a layer dimension, and specifically, what is it in the context of Advanced Orchestra?

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    Re: Attn Advanced Orchestra users! Help!!

    Well, the thing that is still confusing me is the Layer dimension. AO uses keys to switch dimensions and so in the dimension view, I see the key-triggered dimensions. But I don\'t understand (in general, regardless of specific CD) what a Layer dimension is (i.e. what is a layer-triggered dimension?).

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    Re: Attn Advanced Orchestra users! Help!!

    Again, I don\'t want to sound rude or anything but it clearly states what you are asking on pages 4 and 5 of the manual. AO has one of the best documentations of any library and it very specific about what it does and how to do it.


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    Re: Attn Advanced Orchestra users! Help!!


    with all the respect, I owe all the comprehensive documentation which came with AO when I bought it, I have read all the GSt online documantation, I consider myself not to be completely stupid and illiterate, but although I completely understand how to use the instruments which contain dimensions, even after 1 year I still don\'t know how to change something in editor or even program my own instrument with dimensions. I find the documentation rather useless in this respect because it is very hard to understand and incomplete.
    This is not to complain, if I had more time I would surely find out how to do it, but I fully understand that someone asks for help on the forum regarding dimensions.

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    Re: Attn Advanced Orchestra users! Help!!

    the layer dimensions are where the two different samples for dynamics are. One layer has a pp dynamic, and one has the FF dynamic. You control the volume of the FF dynamic with the Mod wheel. The Keyboard dimensions are the key switches..

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Attn Advanced Orchestra users! Help!!

    Thanks! When I was looking at the layers, I didn\'t notice at first that mod wheel was used for the 2nd layer! It just seemed that the layers didn\'t do anything.

    With my Contexant GM500 cd, the help file is pretty useless. It seems that in the String Ensemble 1 instrument that the layer dimensions are for left and right. But that seems weird - should the samples themselves take care of the stereo soundscape?

    Basically, I am still trying to reconsile my AO cd with the string ens. on my GM500 cd. It is almost making full sense... If anyone has any insight into the layer usage on GM500 please let me know (doesn\'t come with a manual and help file is useless).


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    Re: Attn Advanced Orchestra users! Help!!

    Don\'t you have the manual that came with AO? It is rather detailed and explains all of what you just asked....


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