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Topic: Warning: Amazing Sounds/CDxtract

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    Warning: Amazing Sounds/CDxtract

    I just wrote the following letter to Nemesys, but I feel it should also be out in the public as a general warning about Amazing Sounds:
    Hi Nemesys/Tascam guys
    I write to you, because I think you may need to take a closer look at Amazing Sounds who are selling CDxtract via the Nemesys site.
    Here is why:
    I asked (email) Amazing Sounds (AS) about whether CDxtract did support reading MESA 1 files. A guy named Frederic answered 2 weeks later: \"Yes it does\". I bought the software from AS and it did not work. Neither did reading SampleCell II pc work. I contacted Frederic, but luckily I also contacted the author of the software, Bernard Chavonnet. He was sorry that AS had given me the wrong info (it does not yet read MESA 1) , and the reason SampleCell import did not work was because of the older CDxtract version I got from AS. I found the newest version on Bernards site www.cdxtract.com. I dont know the details, but Bernard tells me that he had a lawsuit against AS, and AS lost. Bernard terminated dealing with AS 8 months ago, but AS keeps selling his software against Bernards will. And they are doing this very badly I might add. I got terrible support from AS, and I got VERY good support from Bernard. I have a very strong sense that AS are not playing by the rules, and I urge you to investigate this matter a bit. At least you could contact Bernard (support@cdxtract.com) since he is the author of CDxtract, and ask for an opinion. Also take a look at his site www.cdxtract.com and compare it to AS. That will also tell you a bit about who is the serious dealer.

    I am not in any way affiliated with Bernard, I just happened to stumble over this case as a CDxtract buyer.

    Lars D. Terkelsen, Denmark

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    Re: Warning: Amazing Sounds/CDxtract

    Hi Lars,

    I have just e-mailed Bernard about this.

    I hope CDxtract will continue to be developed.

    I speak as a very satisfied user of CDxtract.

    The support I have received in the past from both Bernard and Frederic has been very good.

    I have noticed, however, that there has been no new news on the CDxtract web site since June 2001.


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    Re: Warning: Amazing Sounds/CDxtract

    Bernard Chavonnet, who created CDXtract has given me nothing but the best service, (as has Garth from Chicken Systems).

    It\'s a shame that he\'s had these problems, but if you\'ve bought the programme, he\'s the man who will solve any queries you have.

    Hi backup is 200%

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