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Topic: Realism

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    Can you guys please give some of your favorite preset pannings/effects for your midi orchestras ex:

    pan= 10 delay = 25ms reverb = small

    french horn:
    pan = 15 delay = 45 ms reverb = medium

    double bass:
    pan = 100 delay = none reverb = heavy

    pan = 64 delay = 33 ms reverb = heavy

    Stuff like this.... Some of the mp3\'s I\'ve heard around here are just awesome. Simon Ravn I\'m very interested in what settings you used on \"Going In\".

    Lastly, do you record your midi instrumental parts wet (with effects) or dry (without effects).


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    Re: Realism

    Oh well.... I will have to check that. To give you the cold facts I used my Lexicon MPX1 for all strings and percussion. Strings recorded in three takes (for performance reasons) using a reverb size of 53.5 meters, 48% diffusion, 24ms pre-delay, 2.64s decay and a hi shelf (or is that low shelf) of 5.4khz. Reverb shape set to 171, spread to 43, for all it\'s worth ) I did some EQ on the whole signal using the MPX1 too, affecting both wet and dry. The same reverb was used on all strings.
    Then I recorded the percussion with a similar program with a slightly lower decay and shelving at 1.8khz.
    For brass and woodwinds I used a TC M-One with two reverbs (ambient and hall). Ambient had predelay of 43ms, 1 sec. decay., high cut at 15.8khz. Hall reverb 27 ms predelay, 1.8sec decay, highcut at 2.82khz.

    I added a 30% wet/70% dry Waves RVerb to the final mix to give it that last \'hall sound\' - although I think I might have overdone it.

    I don\'t really know what you want with those numbers - you could say that they are \'random\' in the sense that I just use my ears.

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