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Topic: Best 88 key controller ?

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    Best 88 key controller ?

    My KX 88 feels so real but its a pretty lame midi controller for programing the sliders and what not. Any suggestions on a sweet 88 key weighted action controller? (for studio use only)

    thanks, sorry this was off topic a bit!

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    Re: Best 88 key controller ?

    Hi Oliver,

    There is a thread on the Sonic Control forum that seems to be relevant: http://www.soniccontrol.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=5&t=000019

    Best regards

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    Re: Best 88 key controller ?

    Hi Oliver,

    I use a Technics SP-30 88 key weighted action keyboard. For some reason it just felt more real and exciting than any of the others I tried... you know the kind of inspired feeling you get when you sit at a real piano.

    I\'d recommend getting the sliders from someone who really knows what they\'re doing. I\'ve got a `control freak` from www.Kenton.co.uk which consists of 8 sliders and 8 buttons. It is also possible to plug 2 volume or sustain pedals into it to double as midi sliders or switches for extra foot control whilst performing.

    The only downfall with this set up is that the kenton (and most others) do not feature spring loaded sliders/wheels and hence I am having to use another midi controller for its self-returning pitch wheel.

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    Re: Best 88 key controller ?

    I agree with Franz that customising your sampled piano patches to suite your controller\'s touch response can make a huge difference to the playability of your sampled piano. I always tweak my sampled pianos such that they feel better when using the particular keyboard controller at hand.

    On a related topic, concerning comparisons of sampled pianos, using the same midi file on all pianos indiscriminately puts some pianos at an advantage and others at a disadvantage. William Coakley once told me that even his own midi files don\'t always fit his own pianos especially during development when parameters change slightly. In fact, in the manual
    included with William\'s sample pianos, he spends a pretty good amount of space on explaining how controllers can make or break one\'s piano performance. He told me that he found the Roland A90 for example is ill-suited for any external sampled piano control since it is impossible to get an accurate piano performance out of it unless you use their specially tweeked internal piano. On his web site, http://www.williamcoakley.com/products/messages/2.html , he reviews the Roland A90 and goes into a lot of details about this controller. He also found that Roland\'s earlier A80 controller suffers from a common engineering problem that occurred in the early days of designing velocity controlled Synths (late 70s).... that the sharp keys play louder than the naturals. He prefered the playability of the Korg O1W Pro X although he was unable to find any adjustment for the velocity curves for external devices.

    Currently, I\'m using an Oberheim MC2000, which is reasonable but I expect there are better controllers to be found (probably at higher prices).


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    Re: Best 88 key controller ?

    Hi, Oliver
    I use the Roland XV-88 Model. The keys are very comfortable to use and it has all the midi controllers you\'ll need, including an infra-red light controller. The only downside is the price and the weight. It has a lot of useable patches and waveforms..

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    Re: Best 88 key controller ?

    I have a KX88 and a P150. I have experienced that programming pianos to the keyboard actually changed the feel of the keys completely. I don\'t like the feel of the P150 with its internal piano, so I created a custom patch just for the controller and now I really enjoy playing it.

    Unfortunetely the touch of the KX88 is not compatible with the P150 so the same patch actually hurts my hands on the KX. I have been using the KX88 for at least a decade and it is really amazing how much difference it makes customizing your patches to your touch on your controller!!

    So if you found the controller you like it does not mean it will immediately feel good playing your samples.


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