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Topic: South American or Native American flutes?

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    South American or Native American flutes?

    I\'ve looked all over and I haven\'t been able to find a sample cd for giga or any other format for that matter that contains South American flutes. I\'m not sure if these are the correct names for them. But I\'ve heard these in Bolivian, Peruvian type music. Anyone have any idea if these exist or a variant of em? ( If not, hint, hint...Nick )

    If not --with my limited background-- I\'m guessing the closest relative to these are probably Native American flutes...I guess the choices for these are Spirit Voices or Voices of Native America? If anyone has either of these, comments on them are really appreciated.


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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?

    Voices of Native America has some marginally useful flutes. It has some pre-recorded licks that are nice, but the acutal flute instruments sound pretty synthetic and include a lot of tuning problems. Not really worth the money, but I bought it because I was desparate for Native American flutes and it was the only choice.

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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?

    Jamieh, have you found anything that has satisfied you, or are you still using V of NA?


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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?

    I didn\'t find anything else, and I only needed the VONA for a film that I have finished up now, so I haven\'t been looking. The flutes were good enough for the director, who demanded that we have Native American flutes in the soundtrack.

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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?

    Hey EternalBlue, I actually have a Native American Flute that I used on a CD of westcoast Native Legends (my girlfriend is the daughter of a chief).

    If you\'re interested, I don\'t mind playing on your track - I\'ve used the flute on a few of my own and it really sounds amazing.

    email me offline if you\'re interested. crispin@lionsheadpro.com

    If it\'s not too much work I\'ll gladly do it for free. A credit would be nice but not 100% necessary if it\'s going to cause any trouble for you.


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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?

    EternalBlue, I posted two short pieces that I used VONA on. Both use the redwood flute (I think) which I found to be the most usable of the flutes. Neither piece is all that interesting, as they were kind of backgroundish places in the film.



    Phone uses the flute throughout the piece. Blue uses it about 1 minute in.

    I should also mention that VONA does have some good Native American percussion in it. The percussion is pretty high quality and useful.

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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?

    Crispin: Thanks for the offer, but I don\'t have any set track or anything like that, I\'m just doing some research on which to consider for my first library/libs for purchase. Though if I ever need to do something of the nature you suggested, I\'ll definitely give a shout to you.

    Jamieh: Thanks for posts and supplementary info. I was just about to ask if you had any music to share. You\'re right the music is backgroundish, but regardless, excellent job. Kudos. For \'phone\' I was wondering what string/lib you used, if any? It sounds very rich and deep.

    PS. If you don\'t mind, which film will these be coming out for, and when? So we can keep track. Again, cool job. Keep it up.

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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?

    For the strings I used a combo of the Advanced Orchestra soft sustains, the Dan Dean solo strings (esp for solo cello) and the Roland JV1080 orchestral board (for double bass). Actually, I don\'t remember if I used the double bass on that piece--the low strings may all be the Dan Dean solo cello, which is one of my favorite instruments. The AO strings aren\'t great in general, but the soft sustains patch is quite good.

    The music is for a small student film titled \"Muerto Canyon\", done by a NYU grad student. I believe she intends to show it at some festivals either later this year or next year. The film was very quiet and moody, with lots of quiet dialog that didn\'t lend itself to music that grabbed much attention, hence the backgroundish nature of the music.

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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?


    South American Quena flutes are very different from Native American Flutes. Quena flutes play a chromatic scale of about 3 octaves, and Native American flutes are mostly pentatonic, though with alternate fingerings you can play other notes on some flutes.

    I have about half a dozen NA flutes, and use them in performing and recording. You can hear the way they sound at my mp3.com site www.mp3.com/starbirth. The songs \"Heartbeat\" and \"Tekiah\" use a really nice double flute. One side is a drone, and the other is fingered.

    I could record some samples for you if you tell me what you are looking for, but if you want Quena sounds, you need to look elsewhere.

    -- Martin

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    Re: South American or Native American flutes?

    Martin, thanks for the heads up on South American flutes. I guess I shoulda done a bit more research to find out the flute name, ie. Quena. I guess for North American flutes VoNA and Spirit Voices will do. Both of which have reasonable prices.

    Thanks to your info I did find a Quena sample, the only one actually, from the Early Patches library. SonicControl.com has a rather glowing review on it (for the interested). EP\'s Quena mp3 demo sounded sorta flat, but perhaps that was due to the demo\'s music which was oddly like some rennaisance, old-english music. At least this is another lib to add to my short list. Very cool songs on mp3.com by the way.

    Thanks again,

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