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Topic: X Sample slow to load...what up?

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    X Sample slow to load...what up?

    I love my xsample volumes. Great stuff!!!

    Recently (i.e. not before two days ago), my bassoon loads very very slowly. It takes almost a minute to load the biggest Bassoon file (with all the key switches).

    Now normally, one would use that as an excuse.

    One might say \"Hey! You are loading the biggest basson file...so it should take long.\"

    But, my friends, it never did before two days ago. And even the English horn\'s or
    oboe\'s biggest key switching sample file takes at maximum 20 seconds to load.

    Any answers? Guesses?

    I did tweak my MinFileCache and MaxFile Cache to 4069 or 4096 (forgot) with ChunkSize=512 (as Killerbobjr recommended).

    But I changed the setting back to default and still the Bassoon loads slowly.

    I added Adobe Acrobat Reader. Bassoon loaded slowly. I uninstalled Adobe...bassoon loaded slowly.

    Fact=bassoon used to load quicker two days ago. And I used that sample a lot...with reasonable loading times of 20-30 seconds (not great but not bad)

    Guesses? Answers? Tweaks?


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    Re: X Sample slow to load...what up?

    I have the same problem. I don\'t understand why a huge sample like Gigapiano takes quicker to load then the Rhodes from Xsample. My rhodes takes about 30 secs to load. I\'d appreciate any tweaks as well to make it load faster. I just defraged my entire 60 gig D drive (gigs and audio) as well and it still loads up only the big sounds on Xsample slowly.

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    Re: X Sample slow to load...what up?

    I use their harp a great deal, and it has always loaded rather slowly...

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