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Topic: SCARBEE fingered?

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    SCARBEE fingered?

    Any news on when this one will be out?

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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?

    Hi Simon,

    Very soon! I have used the delay to add some more samples (1065 x 3 all in all...) Chadwick has really made fantastic beta-testing on the help-file so it has also been improved very much.

    I am in copenhagen right now doing a commercial - feel free to call me at: 21466043 - maybe we could have a cup of coffee together1


    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?

    I\'d like to know when that comes out too. My bass player friend were blown away by your demos Scarbee.!!

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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?


    Excuse me if I\'m wrong, but I didn\'t see alot of detail about your JSlap at your website. I was also hoping to find out more detail about the JFingered bass due out soon, but alas no info for that either.

    Since I am considering purchasing your JFingered bass when it comes out, could you please describe in detail what will be included with this bass?

    I am hoping that you have included 1&2nd finger strokes, so you can get a really good rythm thumping sound by using two fingers on the keyboard, similar to playing a drum. (left side of the keyboad is the 1st stroke, right side is the 2nd finger.)

    And if this was not included, would this be something you could provide as an add on?

    I apologize if we have talked about his via email a while back, I have emailed SO MANY sample developers the past fee weeks and months about good bass samples!!

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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?

    Hi Munsie,

    Here you can see the samples and mapping for the J-Fingered studio Bass:

    There are also a \"Harmonics program\" with 36 harmonics - also 2 fingered!

    Hope it helps


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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?


    Please go to:

    In the download section I have just uploaded the full J-Slap help-file.



    [This message has been edited by SCARBEE (edited 08-31-2001).]

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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?

    Thanks for the gif, looks like it will be alot different from playing the \"one shot\" bass samples I currently use.

    STILL waiting for a firm release date...

    Also...I don\'t know what deal you made with Tascam/Nemesys but in the future I would consider putting in a clause so you can sell cd\'s from your own website also. It would be nice if you could burn individual cd\'s for user\'s who \"need it yesterday\", rather than waiting for the finsihed burns and cd covers to be printed. Who needs that stuff anyway?

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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?

    Hi Munsie,

    I really wish I could give you a release date, but I simply don\'t know it myself. As soon as I know it I will post it here.

    I hope that I will be able to sell my libraries from my web-site one day, however this is not a decission that I can take.

    Remember that every library also has a Jam bass version, which is more simple.



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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?

    Hi Thomas,

    \"Remember that every library also has a Jam bass version, which is more simple.\"

    Excellent! Hey, is all this \"inside\" info available on your website? I have surfed your site many times and never found the gif pic, the help file, or the quote above! Perhaps I\'m not browsing your site correctly!

    I am curious though, did you basically give them \"exclusive\" rights to sell your products? (I also develop software for a living) If so..I learned a long time ago never to do that.

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    Re: SCARBEE fingered?

    Hi Munsie,

    No, you have been doing nothing wrong. I just put the stuff up yesterday for your sake and others who might need the same information before they buy.

    My contract with Nemesys/TASCAM is exclusive.
    The more exclusive libraries there are for GigStudio, the faster this flatform will grow and our libraries will sell more.


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