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Topic: In appreciation of Endicott's lesson

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    In appreciation of Endicott\'s lesson


    Thank you for a very interesting insight into the problem of expressiveness (or lack thereof) of samplers. The approach you suggest is IMHO definitely the way to go.
    A question, though, concerning phase alignment of p to f samples for a correct crossfade. I don\'t think this can be achieved in the time domain, due to the intrinsic nonalignment of the harmonics of different samples, so it is not simply a question of jitter of a particular sampler. Even morphing in the frequency domain requires some form of stretching of the main peaks in order to align them, for realistic results.


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    Re: In appreciation of Endicott\'s lesson


    [This message has been edited by Endicott (edited 09-08-2001).]

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    Re: In appreciation of Endicott\'s lesson

    To my surprise, I\'ve noticed today, a very informative post has been removed from the thread. I have to disagree with moderator\'s choice. Was it motivated by foul language or conceptual extremism?


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