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Topic: To much ego here

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    To much ego here

    Are there any other forums to go where the EGO is less present? When I first got Gigastudio I was excited that this forum was happening but lately I\'ve realized I haven\'t really made any friends here which I was hoping to do. All I see now is who can make the best orchestral demo.
    I appreciate all of the sample library producers taking time out to actually ask us users what we want in a library (Thanks Dan, Gary, Nick, Scarbee ) and to keep up the good work.
    Oh well no one will probably even read this anyway and someone will probably start a flame war with this post.
    See you guys. Good luck in your endeavors.

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    Re: To much ego here

    Hi Damon,

    I can\'t tell you how much I agree with you. Essentially, my participation in these forums has been to let users know about new stuff, updates, answers to their questions and help. The problem with forums of this nature is the \"anomynity\" factor. I\'ll be more than happy to help users and answer their questions, but I\'m afraid I have neither the time or willingness to engage in a \"digital fight club\" atmosphere.

    Thanks for supporting my products,
    Dan Dean

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    Re: To much ego here

    Perhaps the move to Tascam\'s forum will end the pissing contest?

    See ya m8

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    Re: To much ego here

    I\'ve been sitting back and reading these forums since the beginning of the year (maybe earlier, I don\'t exactly remember), but I\'ve never bothered to post because of the reasons given earlier in this topic.

    That\'s all, really. Just thought I\'d give the perspective of someone NOT involved in any professional sample producing, \"I can make the best demo\" competitions, or petty online disputes...

    EDIT: Although, I\'d have to say the recent contributions donnie has been making have been wonderful. Including the .mid files is absolutely fantastic. It\'s nice to be able to test out any libraries I currently own with those midi files, and compare them to the mp3s.

    Aside from that, I think a midi of a demo should also come with each CD, along with a list of tips and tricks on the entire process from \"File > New\" to final capture, so the user can get inside the minds of the people that made these products, and therefore a better understanding of the instruments themselves.

    I mean, what harm can come from letting your customers know how to get the best out of your samples? It\'s a fairly new business, but there are certain developers out there that should already start learning from their mistakes, no matter how small they may seem.

    Another \"thanks\" goes to King Idiot for some of those brass tips. Gracias, man. I\'m sure plenty of people have benefitted from those.

    Anyway, my first and last post. Hi/bye all!

    [This message has been edited by Lance_M (edited 08-27-2001).]

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    Re: To much ego here

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lance_M:
    Anyway, my first and last post. Hi/bye all!

    [This message has been edited by Lance_M (edited 08-27-2001).]

    Hi Lance,

    Welcome! I certainly hope this is not your last post. Good to hear from you, and hope to hear from you again!


    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: To much ego here

    OK I\'ll flame a little because I get tired of people who seem unable to cope with a little heated arguement.

    Criticism raises standards. It makes people think about what they\'ve offered and how they can better it.

    Putting demos on the forum is hardly a \"pissing competition\". Its merely a demonstration of what a person has done and what they\'re capable of.

    Finally, visit any number of forums on the internet (cubase.net, audioforums etc) and you\'ll often find it a lot less civil than northernsounds. Just as in everyday life, things get heated but debate and discussion makes the world go round as much as money.

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    Re: To much ego here

    Hi Damon - I will be your friend...

    I am afraid that the long threads about brass sampling will NOT be so inspiring for all developers - as some might believe. Sure, there has been tips, but sometimes a developer has an idea... his OWN idea - that he wants to try out. Getting ideas and feedback from users are cool, but to a certain level. Different users have different ideas of a great library and if you listen too much to this as a developer you end up getting confused and maybe the energy of the project fades away.


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    Re: To much ego here

    Sorry to see you go, Damon. Your contributions will be missed. For me, I don\'t see it as much of a pissing contest as an opportunity to learn from the experience of others. To me, that\'s the marvel of the internet. To not take advantage of it is to limit your potential. Of course, there are egos but that\'s the nature of life. We are human beings with egos built in for a reason. Sometimes it can be a drag, but I believe you have to see the forest through the trees and filter out the bad to latch onto the good.

    I love the thrill and challenge of being able to emulate an orchestra. It would be infinitely easier to just write down my music on a piece of paper and leave the engineering to engineers and performances to the performers. I know that is ultimately the way that I want to be making music, but there\'s a part of me that really enjoys trying to make the best of the latest technology and wonderful contributions of sample developers. This is where the discussion of this obscure topic flourishes and it\'s a wonderful thing. While I\'m learning a lot about all of these trades, it makes me appreciate the true craftsmanship that makes this music come alive. I hope you\'ll reconsider your assessment and continue to drop by, but I totally understand if you don\'t.

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    Re: To much ego here

    This is the ENTERTAINMENT industry!
    Ask Mozart.
    Actually it really doesn\'t matter to anyone but the composer/creator what music sounds like. Most people we work for don\'t know a guitar from a piano.
    98% of contemporary orchetral music is there to embellish the dialog and is mixed so low that it makes no difference if the violins are actually an old analog synth. (sad but true)
    I think this forum is great fun and GigaStudio will change the way computers will be used to create and to enjoy music because if everybody has the same tools talent will shine and humility will be promoted. I can\'t wait for the time when every computer comes with all the libraries and GS standard and at no extra charge.
    Lets face it, no one dies if your horns have too much high end. But people might hit \"skip\" or \"eject\" if your melody sucks.

    This is not meant to flame anybody or anything I love music and musicians and I appreciate Tascams move and all the work the Nemesys team has done greatly.

    I don\'t see any egos here but a lot of passionate people who long to be recognized. The real EGO trip guys are not on this forum. Their EGO wouldn\'t allow it.

    Maybe I\'m an idiot too.

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    Re: To much ego here

    [quote}Another \"thanks\" goes to King Idiot for some of those brass tips. Gracias, man. I\'m sure plenty of people have benefitted from those.[/quote]

    see THAT is waht creates Egos in here


    You are quite welcome Lance and anyone else that benefited from that stuff. I just hope there will be more sharing like that in the futureon all kidns of subjects...isntead of...yah that new demo of that neew fangled library doesn\'t \"do it\" for me.

    Anyhow. Damon you\'ll be back! you know it! and when you do jst try and ignore all the \"my schwartz is bigger tha yours\" threads

    Really...I am an Idiot

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