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Topic: new perc demo

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    new perc demo

    Hey guys, here is a new demo I did with the new percussion. Glad to hear your comments.


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    Re: new perc demo

    Wow! Damn! Can\'t wait for it to be released! I especially liked the snares -- they had a real nice, soft delicate feel to them, not harsh like most other snares I\'ve heard.

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    Re: new perc demo

    Thanks J,

    Thanks for pointing out that the first demo was just dry midi! I forgot to mention that. It sounds even better with the Altiverb. I am going to have to get that!


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    Re: new perc demo


    Is this demo sounds from UOP or>?


    PS. By the way, I have AO Complete Giga
    coming this week. I felt it was the better
    choice for me. Plus I had that killer discount

    Francis Belardino
    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.

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    Re: new perc demo


    The sounds are from the new library.


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    Re: new perc demo

    what\'s it all about.

    (Thinking of balance left on credit card, gotta get, gotta get) lol

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    Re: new perc demo

    Sounds REALLY natural Donnie. Great dynamics, even without the Altiverb. (That was a very nice thing to do Jamey)

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    Re: new perc demo

    Wowie! Sounds fantastic. Is there a place where we can see a list of instrument?

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    Re: new perc demo

    The list is REALLY huge....

    I\'ll try to post one tom.

    Also Sean is working on a really cool interactive help file that will give you very detailed info as well as pictures of everything! Should be very cool


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    Re: new perc demo

    Great sounds. Great composition! I like it better without the verb.

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