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Topic: Another listening exercise

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    Another listening exercise

    Forgive me for this slightly off-topic post, but with all the listening examples we have been doing lately, I thought I would run one of my own experiments by the expert ears up here.

    I was involved with a project a few years ago that used a live orchestra to record. Alas, the group we used was not good (very low budget) and one of the sections butchered their parts completely. I was totally disheartened with the results until I took my music workstation and blended in synthetic material to try and fix the original recording.

    So here is the challenge--in this recording, one of the main instruments is completely synthetic. The part was completely blown, with barely even a right note. Luckily it was quiet enough that I was able to cover it up with the \"right\" part. I was pretty happy with the results, and I just want to see if the results can fool anyone here. Feel free to ID any instruments you feel are significantly augmented, as I did tweak quite a few of the parts when all was said and done.

    I\'ll give you 2 of the synthetic instruments for free--the tubular bells (panning gives them away bad) and the harp. The rest I leave up to you guys.


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    Re: Another listening exercise

    Interesting!! I\'ll give it a shot.

    D-Basses, celli (in the beginning), horns and clarinet sounds strange I could be way off of course

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    Re: Another listening exercise

    Ooooh, another contest. What fun! The instruments that sounded like they were in a different acoustical space were bells and harp (like you said), and the flute. None the less, if you hadn\'t said anything, I wouldn\'t have guessed that anything was sampled. Really good job!

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    Re: Another listening exercise

    Thomas wins the golden ear award! The biggest addition was the horn. The original player just didn\'t cut it. I augmented the d-basses quite a bit as they played fine, but they just didn\'t have the volume I was looking for. I\'m not sure if I did the right thing there.

    The clarinet was fine, but once I bumped everyone else up in volume, I needed to get the clarinet louder too, so I added a clarinet line in. Some of the high string playing was a bit weak as well so I put some strings in. I then added percussion to get them up in volume (you can see where this is going). So by the time I was done, I had added something to almost every section in the orchestra except the low brass, who played well from the beginning.

    A lot of this could have been avoided with a better mixdown, but the mixer board was broken the day we did our recording, so we had to set the levels and record direct, so there was no going back and re-levelling everything.

    BTW, there was no sampling involved on my part. Back when I did this in \'97 the only instruments I had were Roland synths, so all the added instruments are from those. I was able to fool a lot of people with my additions, but I never got a chance to run it by a bunch of musicians to see what they thought, so thanks for indulging me.

    In care anyone is interested, here is the original recording before I augmented it:

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    Re: Another listening exercise

    Very interesting! I like the composition! Very cool to be able to hear the before and after results! Post more stuff like this!


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    Re: Another listening exercise

    Thanks Thomas. I only have one other piece from this recording session that I fixed up, and I didn\'t think the results were as convincing, mostly because the brass instruments were more exposed. I may put it up later.

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