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Topic: Starters Lib on a budget !

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    Starters Lib on a budget !

    Cheers to all ! Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer me. I just received my GigaSampler in the mail today, was a little surprised it came with basically no libraries to start with. Please forgive the low $$s, but we don\'t have a large budget for our studio right now, (until we really start making \"real\" money) but I have been looking at all the Giga library sites out there and getting more confused by the minute. I just don\'t know where to start !

    What I would like to buy is:
    1-A general purpose orchestral lib no higher than $300 hopefully

    2-something with rhythm section instruments like keyboards, drums, basses, guitars, etc... same price range

    3-Modern Synth textures , saw a nice one on Ilio (Metamorphosis) sells for $199...

    I am mostly confused with the orchestral ones, haven\'t seen a symphonic or ensemble one in the range , except \"Symphonic Fields\" ?? I realize this is a hard topic to offer advice on given many of the sample designers frequent this forum, but again, any insight about starting our library will be appreciated, not having any sound for us to work with really bites ! -Azure :-)

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    Re: Starters Lib on a budget !

    Have a look at Donnie\'s thread:
    \"Just thought I would would let everyone know that I am working on a re-release of the Prosonus orchestral collection for giga by Big Fish. The giga version will feature all of the source material including loads of articulations not in the akai version. This will be a full featured orchestral lbrary including tons of articulations. The best part about it is the price------ $299\"

    I think it\'s called: \"Great Orch Great Price\" or something. The Prosonous has gotten a lot of good reviews in the past (see SoS) and these improvements certainly won\'t hinder it.

    You might also want to check out Dan Dean\'s solo strings - around a hundred dollars buys you a fabulous cello, viola and violin - check out the Fawlty Towers demo - it\'s great.

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