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Topic: The Worlds First Tuned Church Bells samples!

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    The Worlds First Tuned Church Bells samples!

    Hi all,
    The quest for church bells is over.
    I just posted two new MP3 demo\'s of my latest gigasampler cd.
    Listen to http://www.postaudiomedia.com/PostChurchBellsTuned.mp3
    where I used the tuned Church Bells to play a simple melody line.
    Listen to http://www.postaudiomedia.com/PostChurchBellsVaria.mp3 where you can hear the sonic difference that each church bell produces because of different strokes and different post-processing.
    The library will be available soon.

    Michiel Post
    Post Audio Media

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    Re: The Worlds First Tuned Church Bells samples!

    Sounds pretty nice! When will this be available, how big will the library be and what about the price?

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    Re: The Worlds First Tuned Church Bells samples!

    The cd\'s are available now. The price is $50. You can find the cd under the \"OTHER\" category in my POST AUDIO MEDIA ONLINE STORE on www.postaudiomedia.com.
    The library has over 80 different church bell samples. The giga version has both chromatic patches (each note a different bell) and versions where each bells is spread over a wider keyboard range. There is a special sonic variation patch where different velocities give different sonic effects.
    Listen to the demo (above) to find out.

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