I was asked to post this in this forum jsut in case people missed it in the user tips and tricks...tho I\'m pretty sure I put a link in a thread that was here...anyhow..

I uploaded two little licks at www.musicyouneed.com/horns
taht I\'ve been fooling with today since all the stuff going down about brass
the first one is just the French horns from QL Brass. I did some editing in the editor to both teh Staccatto and Sustain samples. I jsut added and EG MOD controler to the Attack envelope to both of them. And brought the Release down to .1 or .2 depending on your flavor.

I also edited the Staccattos to have mroe of a peak in the attack and brought it a little back on the sustain...as well as a little slower attack in general.

Then I layered the sustains and Staccattos on multiple ports in GSTudio (MIDI Channel 1, port 1 and 2)

Using the Attack control I\'m able to sweep up the staccattos behind the sustains to give a more \"whoop\" of an attack to the notes but have it be a reeeeeeal slow accent..giving that \"expressive\" sound

With regards to EQ. Well This one I\'m not too happy with now that I listen to it again. I actaully tried a little chorus and it soudns phasy as hell no. But anyways without the chorus I put a major bump up in the Lows from about 200 down, and put a slight dip the Mids with a Wide Q at about 1k. I also boost the Highs but put a REALLY TIGHT dip at about 8k since there is a lot of bus there that gets too accented with boosting the highs. Then I threw it into Acoustic Modeler in one of the halls with a mix of both the direct and the reverb. I should have done jsut Reverb with one of the 60ft settings its jsut I was mimicing Thomas\' old lick that had Trombones as well it sounds like.... but I wasn\'t paying attention so I tried to get that \"louder\" sound that doesn\'t sound too good. I also used a bit of Free Filter to try and get it to osund more like Thonas\' lick.... anyway...

With that EQ it sounds pretty good, you can use the Tape Model in Acoustim Modeler to \"warm\" it up a little. Also a litle bit of some sort of \"enhancer\" helps bring in some sparkle after you use the Tape Modeler. With 100% reverb It would give it more distance. then with a Verb over your whole mix in a song it would probably blend with other instruments and have \"depth\"

Teh second example is a bit more editing in the Editor and outside.
I made a FFF patch on the bones from QLB by taking the Crecendo samples of both the solo and ensemble patcehes and making my own sample of jsut the loudest FF/FFF parts (using different crossfade variations in Vegas to get a non-cyclical) loop. I layer this instrument on top of the standard 3 bones sustained and give volume control tot he mod heel. Now I have a Bones section with a big FFF sound with the mod wheel up. If you \"play\" it right it sounds pretty expressive. I also layered AO French Horns underneaththe QL ones and it added a nice ensemble sound to it. On top of it I use a bit of Roland XP orch 1 board sounds mixed in with the bones and the horns..jsut to \"wash it up\" a little. I should have lowered the attack on both teh synth tracks tho since they might hide better......I think its what makes it sound bad to me...

Then I EQd about the same. but over did the reverb... I\'ve still got a few other tricks I want to try. But with these little QUICK tries I can see that I might be able to get some HUGE sounds if I tweak a bit...

Really...I am an Idiot