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Topic: Bigga Giggas releases Post Estonia Grand

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    Bigga Giggas releases Post Estonia Grand

    Bigga Giggas releases Post Estonia Grand from Post Audio Media.

    Estonia Grand pianos have been praised by many of the top pianists in the world. Now you can own a Gigasample version with 4 velocity layers Pedal Down & Pedal Up + 4 velocity levels of Release samples for extra expressiveness not usually found even in the Gigasample realm. Recorded by Michiel Post with the newest 24bit technology and designed specifically to take advantage of Gigasampler\'s best features. The Gig file itself contains 1,251,313kb of data! 15 Instrument Presets within the Gig include the Full version plus variations for Jazz, Rock Ambient etc. The Estonia Grand is perfect for any piano playing style.
    Price $95

    Info and mp3 demos are availible at www.biggagiggas.com

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    Re: Bigga Giggas releases Post Estonia Grand

    Those demos of the Post Estonia grand are so nice and relaxing to listen to. Very nice piano playing. Who played them or where did you get the midis?

    Best regards

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