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Topic: How is Xsamples brass?

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    How is Xsamples brass?

    I just bought Volume 3 of Xsample-solo french horn, trombone, and trumpet today. Mostly for needing a good muted trumpet sound for jazzy type stuff. Is this a good library?

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    Re: How is Xsamples brass?

    Usually I mix this library with a couple others. The trumpet is weak IMHO. I do like some of the muted sounds though. The trombone and french horn\'s sustained notes have to slow of an attack. Sometimes I layer the staccato notes on top of these. Again, I like the mutes for the french horns. The library could use some FF or FFF samples.

    Even with my complaints, I still use this library on a regular basis along with the Woodwinds (Vol. 6), the Clarinets and Harp.

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    Re: How is Xsamples brass?

    Thanks for the reply Hadyn.I\'m glad to hear the mutes are good because that\'s the real reason I got it. I\'m not going to be doing any orchestral stuff with it. More experimental things mixed with jazz.

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