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Topic: What drum library for punk music?

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    What drum library for punk music?

    This may be a strange question, and I\'m not sure I\'m asking the right people (not sure at all really!), but I know there are different types of people on this board, writing different kind of music so I\'ll give it a shot:

    I\'m wondering if there\'s a good drum library out there that is directly related to the punk music style. I realize there\'s a lot of compression involved in punk recordings, so I\'d like a library which have samples that are recorded in the same way as they record punk, metal, punk rock etc. before they are processed through limiters and compressors and so on.


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    Re: What drum library for punk music?

    The Topaz Studio Kit that we sell are recorded without any processing at all, leaving this up to the user. This way, you will be able to get the sound you wan\'t by adding eq/compressors/room and such.
    If you try to do this on drums that already are processed, you probably end up with a strange result (mind you, sometimes strange could be good... )
    The Topaz Studio Kit also incudes several different drumsets played with sticks/Blastix/Brushes.

    You can find demos and info about Topaz at www.biggagiggas.com


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    Re: What drum library for punk music?

    Hey Worra, that sounds like an idea! I\'ll check it out. Thanks for your help.


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    Re: What drum library for punk music?

    Hoabout giving examples of the sound you\'re looking for by naming off some bands..

    Punk rock is a fairly vague description nowadays with all the types of music people call \"punk\"

    If you\'re looking for a good overly high picillo, you can probably get away with tuning up Reggae snares..or even the swing snare in Pure Drums

    Really...I am an Idiot

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