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Topic: Expression vs mere velocity

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    Expression vs mere velocity

    Reading through the various forum posts I\'m seeing a lot of discussion around how to get expression out of GS voices...but since I\'ve only got a brain-dead keyboard, the only thing I\'ve been able to fiddle with is key velocity, and since most of the samples seem to have only a couple/three volume levels, it\'s not always satisfying or effective.

    What other control messages/techniques can I use to get more expression?

    And is there anywhere besides here that I can learn about this stuff??? I feel so stupid, and everyone seems to know more than I do, but I can\'t figure out how they learned about it \'cause I don\'t know where to look.

    Thanks for your help (and for your kindness in not lambasting my simplistic questions).


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    Re: Expression vs mere velocity

    If you have a sequencer you can draw expression with your mouse. It\'s more tedious than real time but it will work. If you don\'t own one you can download a trial for free, Cakewalk for example.

    I suggest the best way to begin is just to dig in with a sequencer. They all work more or less the same and have pretty good help files.

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    Re: Expression vs mere velocity

    I suggest doing an internet search for the MIDI specification (www.google.com). The controllers you\'re looking for are called continuous controllers, and there\'s a bunch of them. Some are fairly standard (cc7 for volume, cc10 for pan, ...), and then there are some CC\'s used by GigaStudio. Numbers vary depending on what sample library you\'re using, etc.

    This should get you started. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Expression vs mere velocity

    Worra actually has an extremely helpful chart on controllers here:

    ...which is also available for download in pdf form here:


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    Re: Expression vs mere velocity

    Well, I followed everyone\'s advice...and I can\'t begin to tell you how grateful I am for it.

    I started up Cubase, moused in an expression curve and...well, you\'ve got to understand...I\'ve been using this bloody thing for nearly two years...and this is the FIRST TIME I\'VE BEEN ABLE TO CREATE A CONTINUOUS CRESCENDO.

    It may be no big thing to you old MIDI hands, but to me, it was better than my first acid trip.



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