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Topic: DVD audio

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    DVD audio

    I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the new audo format, high definition audio. This is 24 bit, 192khz, which the quality is much higher than cd, quality. Would this be closer to what every one wants, true to live instrument sounding samples. If instruments were sampled, and put in this high definitiong format, would this be a great improvement? Would this eventually make cd quality samples obsolete?
    I wonder if this is the next generaton of sample format. Any thoughts on this?
    Thanks Rick*

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    Re: DVD audio

    I highly doubt going to a higher sampling rate is going to significantly improve the quality of the samples. Right now I think it is recording techniques, programming, and larger sample sizes that are making the samples better. The actual sampling rate is fine.

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    Re: DVD audio

    I agree with Jamie, the current standard sampling rate is fine. Sample libraries are getting rather big as they are right now.

    I would much rather see the focus on updated library concepts and recording that makes sense for orchestral filmstyle (as opposed to purely classical / chamber music).

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    Re: DVD audio

    I still have 8 and 12 bit samples which sound good in a mix. That\'s because they were properly played and recorded in the first place.

    The inverse is alos the case. I\'ve heard 24/96 samples which sound crap - and that\'s because the original setups performances were mediocre.

    All things being equal, disk space notwhithstanding, 24/96 will beat 16/48 for realism, especially in things like cymbals, but all things are never equal and disk space is still not cheap enough that I want to basically double its price.

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