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Topic: Hey Gary! August is almost over!

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    Hey Gary! August is almost over!

    I\'ve noticed that my check has yet to clear from Harps.com so I\'m assuming that I shouldn\'t expect my GOS package anytime soon. I realize that I\'m flirting with blasphemy by expecting you to be accountable for your release date, however, you said August and therefor that\'s what I\'m expecting! If it\'s going to be delayed please let us know...I\'ve got professional work that would really benefit from this library\'s timely release.

    But then again, I think I\'m the only regular here who\'s NOT on the beta team, so I guess it should be expected that I would be the last to know

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    Re: Hey Gary! August is almost over!

    Can any beta testers here comment on when they think the library might be available or how much longer beta testing will be?

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