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Topic: Sampled piano comparison

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    Sampled piano comparison

    I thought it might be interesting to put up some mp3 renderings of various sampled pianos playing my piano test piece midi on my Veridical Sounds web site. I believe this midi file makes for quite a revealing test.

    The web site address is:

    I have already put up zip files containing mp3s of my sampled upright (which also includes the original midi file) and of the default grand piano in my Yamaha SW1000XG sound card. Not exactly a fair comparison, but the Yamaha was convenient to do at the time.

    If you want to submit an mp3 rendering of any of the sampled pianos you own for comparison purposes, send a zipped 192 kbps mp3 with no additional reverb, eq or compression to my site\'s associated e-mail address:


    I will consider adding the mp3(s) to the list, but I have to bear in mind that my isp doesn\'t provide me with much web space.


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    Re: Sampled piano comparison

    where is the midi-file?

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    Re: Sampled piano comparison

    oeps! It\'s inside the Piece1.zip file.

    I\'ll make a comparison MP3 of my new Estonia (3 layer with release triggers) and my PostPianoSuite Steinway D (4 layers) libraries. The Midi file is a bit long though (lot\'s of repeats) maybe we can make it a little shorter.

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    Re: Sampled piano comparison

    Hi Michiel,

    I have put an abridged version of the test piece on my web site. As with the earlier version, the original midi is included in the zip file (piece1a.zip).

    When you make your mp3s, please remember not to add any additional reverb. This allows the listener to add whichever reverb he/she desires.

    Best regards

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    Re: Sampled piano comparison

    OK Nicholas,
    I\'ve uploaded the MP3\'s to my own server: http://www.postaudiomedia.com/testfile1.MP3 http://www.postaudiomedia.com/testfile2.MP3
    One of the two is the Steinway the other the Estonia. Let\'s leave the question which one is which piano to the listener.

    There is no reverb added, not any other processing applied for that matter. I just took the capture to wav utility from GSt and converted that to MP3. I used the long version of the midi file (sorry if that messes up your effort of making a smaller one...). I must say I agree that your midi file reveals certain aspects of the sampled piano very well.

    Michiel Post
    Post Audio Media

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    Re: Sampled piano comparison

    Thanks Michiel for producing mp3s for two of your high quality grand pianos.

    I\'ve linked to your mp3 files from my site and have mentioned your web site address for people who want to get more information about your products. I hope this is o.k. with you.

    What bit rate did you use for the mp3s (the files are quite a bit larger than mine)?

    You have some very interesting currently available and up and coming sample CDROMs. Is the Post Church Bells product a first in the world for commercially available sampled church bells?

    Best regards
    p.s. You have a nice web site. By the way, I was also born in May 1962 !

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    Re: Sampled piano comparison

    The two demo\'s were encoded at 256 kbps, because Pyro ( that I had to use for this) doesn\'t support 192 kbps.

    Yes, Post Church Bell is the worlds first sampled library dedicated to real church bells!

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    Re: Sampled piano comparison

    The Church Bells are tuned bells indeed. Originally I made and used this collection for an opera where more than 15 church bells were needed. I\'ll dig in the details tomorrow.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Sampled piano comparison

    Hey Michiel.

    Could those church bell samples be used like a Caralon simulation? I have always wanted to have one in my compositions!!!!!! If these are tuned church bells, you are the MAN!!!


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