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Topic: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

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    Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

    Just thought I would would let everyone know that I am working on a re-release of the Prosonus orchestral collection for giga by Big Fish. The giga version will feature all of the source material including loads of articulations not in the akai version. This will be a full featured orchestral lbrary including tons of articulations. The best part about it is the price------ $299

    This will be a great option for guys wanting the whole orchestra but who don\'t want to shell 1K plus to get it.

    Make no mistake...it\'s no Dan Dean Woodwinds or UOP BUT it is much much better than AO...and much cheaper.

    I\'ve also got some really cool programming tricks up my sleeve for this one too!

    More later,


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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

    Thanks for the heads-up. I\'m actually just beginning to build my library and was struggling with what general orch set to get. Do you have any general time frame in which this may be released?


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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

    Ok heres a little demo I did with the violin and cello sections. It\'s kind\'ve late Shostakovich sounding

    Oh and these demos are all just dry midi...no external reverb!!!

    ****** Remember I got these files yesterday!!! ***************

    Anyway I think you guys will like them.

    Here is an example of the wet/dry option with the mod wheel. The mod controls the amount of ambiance you get in the sample. All the sustained samples are looped and have release triggers on them for added playability.

    And finally, for anyone who is interested, here is the midi I used....


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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!


    It\'s very refreshing to see that your demo has left the choice of addition of reverb to the listener, and that you have provided the midi file. I hope this sets a trend for future demos from subscribers to this board.

    If web space is not a problem, it may be good to have both the non-reverbed mp3 and one with an appropriate amount of high quality reverb added. Ever since the introduction of the Roland D50 keyboard (with in-built reverb), reverb often seems to be liberally applied in an attempt to disguise the quality of samples used


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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

    That\'s pretty cool, Donnie, that reverb trick.

    Prosonus has always been one of my favorite libraries for Roland... it\'ll be nice to use this fancy mod-wheel-reverb native Giga version, instead of my semi-crappily converted Roland samples.

    - Chris

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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

    Thanks Chris....it\'s just kind\'ve something I stumbled on and used with the new percussion library. I think it\'s a very useful thing to have. It\'s nice to have reverb on the sounds in your midi arrangement and you can also take it out if you want to use your own processing.


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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

    Hi Donnie, that\'s great news. What kind of new articulations are there?

    You should put up a demo utilizing the new articulations so we can hear what\'s new!

    No offense, (I\'m sure the programming is hard work), but I don\'t see the use of having a mod-wheel controlled wet/dry reverb mix. Who would want the sound of a large orchestra without reverb? Besides that was already simple to do in the akai prosonus library. You\'d just set a fixed note length for the wanted decay.

    The price seems a little steep. I paid $299 for my prosonus Akai disc way back. Is there new source waveform material or simply just new programming? Could you elaborate on that, please?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

    I agree with Thomas-

    If the only recorded source samples are dry ones, I don\'t want any artificial pre-reverb on the product samples.

    If the reverb is natural recorded on the other hand, I\'ll take everything I can get from there - excellent reverbation algorithms available or not.

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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!

    No offense guys but did you read my initial post? I stated that the giga version will include ALL of the original source material including lots that is not in the akai or other versions.

    I would also encourage you to check out the wet/dry demo again. This feature gives you complete flexibility of your sounds. I am going to great lenghts to clean up the original material and sweaten it up (which it needed).

    Also Thomas, you\'ve got to be the hardest person in the world on price. There is as much material in this library as AO. I think $299 as opposed to $799 is a pretty good deal....don\'t you?


    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 08-22-2001).]

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    Re: Great all round orch. lib for GREAT price!


    I admire your vision and desire to fill a need that is sorely lacking in the sample market. I beleive that you are emminently qualified for this job, given the quality of the other DSS libraries!

    Good luck with this project.



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