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Topic: Demo of my brass library!

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    Demo of my brass library!

    Hehe, just kidding..
    Just to get attention.

    I just bought gigasampler and i\'m looking for my first libraries to build a virtual band. I need both acoustic and electric guitars, basses and drums. Maybe some organs/clavis/solo synths. What are your suggestions? Any thoughts appreciated..

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    Re: Demo of my brass library!

    Hey Plundrik

    Have a listen to the mp3s here:

    Acoustic Guitars - Matt Ragan\'s sound great.
    worrasplace.com do a nice acoustic guitar disc called Acoustic Essentials which has some very playable guitars on it, complete with strummable programmes.

    Electric...Nick Phoenix is working on QL Guitars 2 I believe - that should be good.
    Sonic Implants have a pretty good range, but I\'m not sure how \'Gigafied\' they are. Demos sound good.
    Yellow Tools Pure Guitars are supposed to be OK.

    Basses - Scarbee\'s basses are the most complete emulation of a bass available. He\'s really got a lot of detail in his programmes. His demos will stun you. He has Slap and Fingered versions available which will work together, with more to come.

    Dan Dean has a wider range of bass types on his CD, but not with as much detail per bass in the programming.

    Drums:There\'s a lot of talk about a mega set called Purrfect drums - very detailed sampling.

    Christian/Lane are also working on a kit - and they do excellent work. (have a listen to their ocrhestral perecussion)
    Yellow Tools and Sonic Implants also do some good drums. Sonic Implants sells some items individually.
    Metamorphosis by Eric Persing (Spectrasonics) is supposed to be great - it uses \'groove control\' which makes loops work at a really wide range of tempos without changing pitch, and also allows you to \'recycle\' them.

    Keyboard, Clavi, Organs - have a look at
    worrasplace.com there is a range of inexpensive Gigasampler material available. He\'s just released a set of Memorymoog samples.
    Magnetica (an Akai CD rom) has some great Rhodes samples. Suitcase, Mark I, Mark II with a variety of velocity layers.

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    Re: Demo of my brass library!

    Thanks a lot, Chadwick
    The scarbee basses sound unbeliveable! I never thought that a sample could be that realistic. Thanks for the advice!

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    Re: Demo of my brass library!

    Thanks Plundrik!

    Just made my weekend much better.


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