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Topic: editing multiple samples

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    editing multiple samples

    Hi all,
    Perhaps a dumb question, but how to edit (cut,crop etc.)a set of samples at the same time? Batch processing by Wavelab or Soundforge does not include sample editing AFAIK.
    Thank you for help

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    Re: editing multiple samples

    I\'ve got a solution to the above problem.
    Cool Edit Pro. Open a .wav file -> Options/Scripts and Batch processing -> click on Record -> perform selection of the part to be cropped -> press delete -> go back to the script mode and press Stop -> click on batch run and select input and output directory and files.
    It works.

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    Re: editing multiple samples

    I believe AWAVE Studio has a batch conversion facility that allows the leading and trailing parts of each sample to be automatically trimmed based on a configurable threshold level.

    Best regards

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    Re: editing multiple samples

    yes Cool Edit is the only PC app I know with Macro editing.

    what are you trying to do specifically?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: editing multiple samples

    I\'m trying to cut the initial portions of a set of samples at various intervals from the beginning to find the most suitable attack for a legato patch.

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