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Topic: Indentifying Latin Music

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    Indentifying Latin Music

    I've spent a couple months trying to identify this piece of Latin music. Can anyone help?



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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    Must be the "Silent Samba".

    Actually, I think you need to check the link. I got a Quicktime Player running and no sound coming from it. Either my machine has a problem or the file is not linked correctly.

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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    Checked it once, twice, thrice. It works for me. Try "save link as".

    Thanks for your interest though!!


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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    Oops, looks like something happened in my system. I had to shut down and reboot. I hope my mackie Onyx is not giving me problems. Oh well, sorry about that.

    I hear it now. Sounds like a movie piece. I am not familiar with it. Sounds fun, though.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    Hi Steve,

    Like Rich mentioned, it sounds like a dance arrangement from a big production number in a film. I heard a phrase of "Anna", but it may have just been a quote. It was very exciting music, but it was so full of Latin 101 phrases, I'm at a loss to ID it!



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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    Well, the piece seemed all over the place to me. I heard snippets of "El Amor Brujo" and "Nights in the Gardens of Spain" and alot of other generic Spanish stuff thrown in - it did sound to me like Spain instead of South America or Mexico. I didn't listen to the entire thing - it seemed to wander quite a bit.

    So...viva España!
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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    I am close to it, only have to find the title of the original song. It is an arrangement of some "Mariachi" music (Mexico).

    So..... be patient.. I will search my library for it.


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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    It is "Alma Llanera" .



    Be patient, there is first a lot of talk before the "song" starts....



    Pdf file with lyrics:


    And a lot more with the search argument "Alma Llanera".

    Have fun, - that Youtube movie is great !!!!!

    Raymond - viva la música latina!!!

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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    You're really sharp Raymond. That video is exactly what I derived the MP3 from. I just never heard the emcee announce the name of the work.

    Thanks a bunch


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    Re: Indentifying Latin Music

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveMitchell View Post
    .........Thanks a bunch
    You're welcome. Like they say in Spanish: 'de nada".


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