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Topic: Starter libraries for new Giga owner...

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    Starter libraries for new Giga owner...

    I just purchased Gigasampler 64 and would like your suggestions for a good starting point library collection. A GM set would be good, as well as a good synth collection, orchestral, drums... Until now I\'ve been using SoundFonts, pretty impressive for what they do, but in need of more professional level libraries. Grateful thanks in advance for any help ! Regards, -Azure.

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    Re: Starter libraries for new Giga owner...

    It really Depends on your Budget...

    we could EASILY direct you into taking out a loan form the Mob to get your libraries withour suggestions which would come to jsut about GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN...

    seriously tho....seeing that you didn\'t go for gigastudio 96/160 I figure your budget isn\'t in the stratosphere so you might want to look into the GM500 set is it Connexant guys? I forget the makers.

    Worras/BiggaGigga has some Synth libraries

    Orchestral suggestions here will end up in debatesw that go into 100 post threads but Advanced Orchestra seems to be the best bet for \"starters\" since it covers most of the basics and gets you learning. form there you get into trouble....in the end you realise you wont be happy until you record live players yourself...

    Drums. I like Real Giga drums for control during mixes..but not sure I like ALL the tones out of the box. Yellow Tools Pure Drums is nice.....but I\'m a bit spoiled on RGD\'s control of ambience BUT their chromatic snare instrument is neat to have. My least favorite out of the ones I have is Bob Clearmountain 2....it just doesn\'t do it for me...still when I layer a few kits from RGD together, then put YT Pure Drums on top and then use some wacko jacko sounds from Distorted Reality and Dance Mega drums.. I\'m in percussive heaven...well almost.. when I get Ultimate Orchestral Perciussion...then..maybe I will...

    hmmmm wonder if I could make something cool if I loaded EVERY MIDI channel in Giga 160 up with a different percussion patch anything from ethnic to synth and inbetween....

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Starter libraries for new Giga owner...

    Your suggestions are well taken, I did listen to some Conexant MP3 samples, sorry to say was not too impressed, however, didn\'t sound like too much effort was put into the demo anyway... Sound Demos are soooo tricky, a good producer can make anything sound huge, beautiful... The Spectrasonics Metamorphosis library did sound very interesting, then again, a hard decision based only on MP 3sound demos.... Thanks! -Azure ;-}

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