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Topic: Whiners!

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    The amount of whining on display here from sample developers, especially Nick in the you-know-what-thread, is unbelievable. I can´t understand why you would let your project depend on a few peoples opinions, or the fact that they have private libraries covering some of the same areas that you´re working on. Not even that Thomas J says he might work on his own library afterall. I simply don´t understand your reactions. I know that if I am critizised and questioned about something, it just fuels my determination to really prove these people wrong, it doesn´t bring me down.

    If you´re willing to cancel a project that means a lot to you just because you´re critizised for earlier projects or questioned about your ability to pull it off, I don´t think you come off as being very serious or determined about what you do.

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    Re: Whiners!

    Weeeellll, I can kind of understand it.

    It\'s one thing to do what Gary did.
    Most of us condemn the current offerings of the current ensemble strings libraries, so there was a pretty clear potential market - everyone with $1000 or so and a serious interest in recreating an orchestra.

    I don\'t know what $ return that realistically means to Gary, but most developers say that the market isn\'t exactly a cash cow, so it\'d probably be a major blow to Gary\'s plans if tomorrow someone posted news of a similar or better string library. Suddenly your market is potentially split (or worse).

    As I see it, Nick has several projects on the go in different stages of beginning/completion. It\'s also been said a couple of times that he\'s doing this as much for the sake of getting the samples himself as for selling them.

    If he has the luxury of choice as to his next set of sessions, why choose to do a library which is possibly going to be duplicated by another release? I\'d pick something unique which would stand alone.

    That said, as a user, I want more choices Nick! To heck with it, damn the money, hang the editing time, let those trumpet players\' lips bleed, and go do a kick *** orchestral brass library!

    just kidding

    no..really...just kidding

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    Re: Whiners!

    Does this forum really censor the word *** !

    heheh I can\'t believe it. Turn on the tele and watch Van Dam break someone\'s neck, but don\'t say *** ...

    Mind you, it always sounds nicer when an american pronounces *** than an aussie.

    Yanks say *** with that polite short little \'a\' as in apple.

    We say it with the long emphasised \'a\' as in a Southerner\'s \'I\'. It seems coarser somehow.

    Maybe I should have type kick iss...

    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

    That should look nice!

    [This message has been edited by Chadwick (edited 08-14-2001).]

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    Re: Whiners!

    My point was that the only reason for Nick and others to cancel a library, must be if they know they can´t pull it off. Yes if you know you´re gonna make a crap library, there´s no reason to spend money doing it, but if you know you´ll do something good, I don´t think it´ll pose too big a threat that someone else does the same. Quantum Leap is a brand that has come to mean quality libraries, so it´ll have an immediate advantage over Thomas´ library, even if it is inferior to Thomas´.

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    Re: Whiners!

    Kick *** ! (Had to try this too Chadwick...)

    Ok. About releasing alibrary, if there is already one better? Yes. You can always compete on the prize. Then you are in business and you can gradually make better libraries. Most start this way I guess.


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    Re: Whiners!

    Take it easy. I am sure that if Thomas\'library won\'t show up for whatever reasons, Nick will pick up his \"now old\" project to get finished. We just have to have patience...


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    Re: Whiners!

    My own opinion is that Nick shouldn\'t stop his work just because Thomas has a few great samples.

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