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Topic: Dan Dean samples

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    Dan Dean samples

    Heres something from the Dan Dean collection....everything is Dan Dean except the strings....which I should have used his...

    It\'s a little \"a la Debussy\" piece that I threw together....


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    Re: Dan Dean samples

    Everything sounds nice - but the strings are the most synthetic sound. Love the dynamics and restraint.

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    Re: Dan Dean samples

    Wow. Very excellent. I\'ve had a problem finding good examples of Dan Dean sample usage, so I\'ve been reluctant to buy the libraries. This is starting to change my mind --at least for this tempo and style.

    Good stuff.

    Mahlon Bouldin

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    Re: Dan Dean samples

    Thanks! I wanted to do a softer choralish piece first. However these samples have an incredible bite at \"fff\" that no other brass samples have. I\'ll try to do something tonight and post it.


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    Re: Dan Dean samples

    Very nice. Dammit, why am I not a beta tester for DDSB?!

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    Re: Dan Dean samples

    Dying to hear the demo but the site appears to be down!

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    Re: Dan Dean samples

    sorry guys....we have been having major server problems the past several days. However I think things are back up and running now.


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