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Topic: Convert Gig to Soundfont

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    Convert Gig to Soundfont

    I know, it\'s a silly question...

    But, is there a way to convert a Gig file to SoundFont 2.0 format? I\'m trying to use Cakewalk Sonar in Windows 2000 or Windows XP, but obviously I can\'t use GS160. So, I\'d like to take the few gig files I\'ve used in GS160, and make them into Soundfonts so I can use the same sounds in a DXi plug in in Sonar. I don\'t need all the bells and whistles of GS160 (like the effects).


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    Re: Convert Gig to Soundfont

    yes ronlucas.
    cd extract3.5 www.cdextract.com

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    Re: Convert Gig to Soundfont

    Actually CDxtract only does form Sound Font TO Giga not the other way around...atleast thats what I think....prove me wrong guys

    how cool it would be to do full rendering in audio compositor

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Convert Gig to Soundfont

    sorry lucas!!king idiot is right have no way to convert gig in soundfont just sounfont in gig.
    now i\'m curios too if there\'s a way.
    sorry again
    and thanx kingidiot

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    Re: Convert Gig to Soundfont

    Awave will do it. No guarantees if it\'ll be exactly what you\'re looking for, but download the demo and try it.

    I might try the same myself, so let us know how well it works!

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    Re: Convert Gig to Soundfont

    I\'ve tried doing that in the past myself. With the simplest instruments (one layer) it does okay, but otherwise it really isn\'t worth it. Audio Compositor was my goal as well.

    I think that GigaStudio should have the ability to render to a wave file. It does seem silly that a $40 program offers greater polyphony than GigaStudio.

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    Re: Convert Gig to Soundfont

    off line rendering would be SOOOO good for Giga Guranteed no clicks and pops. Possible 32 bit floating point recording...

    Multiple wave files (track by track) Printing of effects...

    As much as I love working in Real time having rendering capability would save me so much time when I want to lay things dow n to track (I can do it on another computer..or let it go while I get food or coffee or something..)

    Really...I am an Idiot

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