and I\'ve spent most of the day fiddling around with it.

I loaded up the English horn and Flute and ofcourse had to go in and edit in a \"crossfading\" instrument.

With a bit of reverb and multiple instruments (port layering) I was able to get an ok sound on the flute and a pretty workable english horn. Its about 14 note poly for each keystrike...but hey its fun They are pretty bad without reverb because of the phasing, but with the right swells and some verb its not so bad on either one. As well I\'ve only fiddled a little and havent gone in and tried to ake everything as smooth as it could\'ll take a lot of work. Anyone got an easy way to change velocity switched instruments into layered instruments?

The programming is prety cool, little subtlies in different velocity responses add ALOT

I can see that I can get alot out of the library, but it\'ll be a little work.

Waiting on your rt files DD

off to finish loading everything...this will fill my 40 gig up ... time for another.....

I\'ll post something else later

Really...I am an Idiot