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Topic: can you guess???

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    can you guess???

    Ok lets have some fun with this! Who can guess the sampled one from the real one?

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    Re: can you guess???

    Hey Donnie,

    I put my money on example 2 (as the real one). Simply because I think it sounds better. If it is your sample - congrats!


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    Re: can you guess???

    I think it\'s the 2nd example that is real, although I far prefer the sounds in example 1, which I believe to be your samples.

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    Re: can you guess???

    agreed Ex 2 sounds like the real one to me

    but they both sound really good.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: can you guess???

    I also agree, Ex 2 sounds \"live\", but not significantly better. Ex 1 simply sounds slightly more mechanical, however the sounds themselves are excellent.

    Of course, I could be wrong. But either way the sampled sounds are excellent.

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    Re: can you guess???

    I\'d have to with the second one as being real.

    The first one sounds great though. Excellent sounds. Where is that tubular bell from??

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    Re: can you guess???

    I tred carefully and maybe I\'m wrong but for me its the general ambience and the 3d placement which gives example two away.

    This will be an area which Giga would benefit from piping through an excellent reverb and 3d positioner. The first one just sounds a bit too `perfect` so a bit of light grungifying would probably add enormously to the realism. If you had this Donnie I\'m sure you could fool us all.

    Hmmm interesting in a way though because what you are asking us to compare and contrast with is not an actual instrument but a recording of an instrument and maybe its the grunge of the recording which gives it away.

    This, of course, is the perfect moment to make fools of us all and reveal your samples as number 2.

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    Re: can you guess???

    Interesting responses so far!.....

    <this \"may\" suprise some of you> the \"sampled\" one is NOT from UOP! hmm.......


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    Re: can you guess???


    Have been trying to download the demos you posted on a couple threads but your website is not loading up.

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    Re: can you guess???

    Donnie, if it turns out that #2 is sampled, I\'m gonna be really amazed - #1 sounds a lot like UOP....

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