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Topic: brass demo

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    brass demo

    Here\'s a quick little brass ditty I just did....any thoughts on this one???


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    Re: brass demo

    sounds good to me!!!.
    how about louder french horns?
    do you have this sound?
    do you know roland orchestral family?your example sounds similar with this library.

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    Re: brass demo

    The low brass sounds too buzzy & not powerful enough. The attack on the horns isn\'t quite right either--maybe it is too slow?

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    Re: brass demo

    It does sound pretty thin..

    but then I did some EQ and POOF!! I want! Boosting the lows and pulling some low mids and just some general EQ tweaking and it sounds pretty powerful.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: brass demo

    Sounds very good donnie (reminds me of my samples) Dan Dean\'s brass?

    The higher horn notes sound a bit transposed though?


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    Re: brass demo

    Try another recording without the mutes, and use the \"chamber\" reverb setting.

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    Re: brass demo

    Sounds very good Donnie! What library are they from or are they your own?

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    Re: brass demo

    I\'m listening on cheap headphones, but it sounds like the longer horn sounds and the stacatto sounds are panned very differently.

    I\'m just curious is this is something the rest of you can hear, or if it\'s somehow a result of less-than-ideal listening equipment.

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    Re: brass demo

    I have a suspicion that this horn comes from XSample. Using multiple transposed copies of the solo horn open and stacatto (as someone suggested.) Comparing it to \"3\" solo horns, I\'d guess it\'s either using more then 3 layers, or has something else layered on top of it. Perhaps even jimmied up with EQ which I know nothing about.

    I don\'t know if that same idea was used on the brass, but it\'s certainly possible!

    Certainly, I could be wrong. But I think it\'s a good guess.

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    Re: brass demo

    yes the panning fo the stavvattos were different than the sustained notes

    I got rid of the file, but if I remember correctly you can here the bones stop before each otehr,. I figured it was DD solo brass with the \"ensemble\" transposing or something else. I really liked the buzz tho, sort of the same as what I like from the louder Trombone stuff in QLB, but more

    Really...I am an Idiot

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