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Topic: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

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    Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    Just ordered this CD today to do some non-orchestral music. It sounds like its gonna be pretty awesome. Can anybody tell me what it\'s like?

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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?


    I got Metamorphosis (the GS version) a couple of months ago and have used it some. Overall, I give a it strong positive review. The sounds are very interesting and filmic (!). They have character. There\'s some nice stereo movement in the grooves and they seem to leave a lot of room in the center for the rest of the mix to live. A pretty good diversity of styles (some more street, some more drum-set oriented, some more efx oriented), though all are sounds that evoke a mood rather than music/band type stuff (that\'s what I meant by \'filmic\').

    I have found it useful only as a loop library. This is due, primarily, to how\'s it\'s designed. The samples are not mapped out in a way that you can use efficiently as individual multisamples. As I\'ve gotten used to using the groove control sequences I\'ve found them useful and not too awkward. Especially nice for a little quantizing to really tighten up the groove. I probably wouldn\'t have any reservations if I wasn\'t a composer guy who stills like to play in every note himself and not \'install\' a groove. It sure is quick though, and clients like the sound . . . .

    Hope that\'s helpful. I\'d love to hear any tips other Metamorphosis owners have figured out for getting the max out of the library.


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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    Two cool things about this library: GrooveControl and the actual usability of the loops.

    GrooveControl is pretty sweet. Instead of static audio loops that only sound good at the recorded BPM, you can stretch or squeeze these loops in your sequencer and it still sounds great. The way they do this is for a given loop you get a sequence for your sequencer and samples for your sampler. These samples are the audio loop spliced into discrete samples and placed sequentially on the keyboard. The sequence then plays these samples up the scale to recreate the original audio loop. This allows you to load different GrooveControl loops into your sequencer and sampler and they sounds great together even if recorded at different BPMs. I have the GrooveControl libraries for Metamorphosis and RetroFunk and within a minute can come up with a unique foundation for a sweet song.

    The Metamorphosis library is a solid library with a diverse set of audio loops that are all very usable. It really shines when you use it with other GrooveControl loops (it\'s own or another GrooveControl library).


    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Damon:
    Just ordered this CD today to do some non-orchestral music. It sounds like its gonna be pretty awesome. Can anybody tell me what it\'s like?

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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    Thanks for the replies guys, sounds like it\'s gonna be good! After hearing all of these orchestral mockups, I\'m ready to find my own sound and stop trying to sound like Goldsmith, Poledouris, Zimmer, or any other hollywood composer. I think people are interested in hearing something different and unique. Hopefully Metamorphosis will get my inspiration cooking again.

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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    It\'s a great CD - and it will give you inspiration... I have used it already on some commercials and as stated before - clients love the sound! Don\'t be affraid to sound like the others - sometimes! Do both. A lot of the work that I do involve making retro sound-alikes in all styles: Classic - could be 1940 italian movie music or 1962 beat music or 1950 indian music! You got to do it all and it\'s fun a long way.

    I like Spectratronics CD\'s a lot and I want to get more from there...


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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    Hey Scarbee, your music sounds very interesting (1940 Italian movie music, 1962 beat music, 1950 Indian music). Do you have a site where I could hear some of your demos? I always love to hear new stuff thats being done and judging from your great bass samples and demos, I\'m sure it\'s cool sounding.
    I do agree Spectrasonics are very good libraries. I especially love the Distorted Reality 1 and 2 and SOVoices. They\'re very nice people as well over at Ilio.
    I\'m hoping for another Distortd Reality 3!

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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    Hi Damon,

    If you send your email address to info@scarbee.com , I can send you a few examples. Remember these are often very short 20-45 sec. for commercials. I have found 4 at my homestudio - 2 italian and a 60\' pop and an early 70\' pop.
    We make the commercials in our studio in Copenhagen, so most of the stuff is there. I will try to get our \"door\" to this world - a short cover-version of Good vibrations\".

    I used to have a site for our commercial-jobs, but you have to pay Koda if you use other peoples work and I make the commercials together with a friend, so it is a bit messy. We took down our site a couple of years ago.


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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    This may be way off base (as I\'m so naive with this stuff) but I\'m getting a controller that allows me to map 16 midi channels across the fretboard.

    I was originally interested in EMU\'s line of products that have \'Superbeats\'; a feature where you can assign various loops to various keys so that you can vary the beat - but it all works together, like having a bunch of musicians that you can call upon during a tune.

    I don\'t want to get into sequencing a la \'taping\' a drum track and playing over it (too static). Does this CD allow you to do the same thing? That is, bring different beats in and out in real-time while you play a lead line over it? Could I split a drum groove (and maybe bass) into a few parts and then \'play\' them in different combinations?

    Can you play macro music in real time with this?

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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Damon:
    Just ordered this CD today to do some non-orchestral music. It sounds like its gonna be pretty awesome. Can anybody tell me what it\'s like?

    TOTALLY, TOTALLY, worth the money. You can use this CD three different ways, and each method of working gives you a radically different result.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Metamorphosis-A good buy?

    Damon (and others!),

    I meant also to mention that I\'ve got a couple of pieces that I used Metamorphosis on up at my website:

    The pieces entitled, \"Dilemma\" (2nd piece on list) and \"Microsoft Office for Mac\" (3rd piece on list.

    I\'m always interested in hearing folks\' comments on my music and engineering: both what you liked and also ways I could improve!


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