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Topic: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

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    Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    I have written a little demo piece to show off my brass library (again The mp3 is about 4 or 5mb big. I\'ve used the following samples:

    Trumpets, bones and horns are from my library.
    The strings are kirk hunter.
    The choir is peter siedlaczek\'s classical choir.
    Percussion is from my library except xylophone which is from AO.
    Woodwinds from peter siedlaczek\'s.

    Hope you like it. Sorry for the noise on the recording but I was routing through the amplifier and back into another soundcard. Everything is analog. Still it should give an impression of what my brass sounds like, and what I think everyone here wants So future developers, take notice. Oh and sorry for the sluggish string part and the abrupt ending. It\'s merely meant to demonstrate my samples.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library




    How does breathing work again? Somebody tell me, quick...

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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    Hahaha Marc! I guess that\'s a good compliment (thanks) I\'d like to know if these are the type of brass samples you were looking for? What did you like and what did you not like? (sample-wise) (btw, I\'m on efnet now if you\'d like to chat)

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    Hi Thomas,

    Any chance of a working link?


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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    Thanks to my friend Marc for sharing his server space. The mp3 is up on http://www.booyaya.de/enyak/Jazz2k_-_Unexplored_Territory.mp3

    There\'s also a horn example that I posted earlier at: http://www.booyaya.de/enyak/hornex!!s.mp3

    These links should be much faster than the first one.


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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    Thomas this is awesome. I am also impressed that you can get this out of Kirk Hunter - you have talent for sure!!!

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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    Yes, that\'s what we want. I think this is the second best job I\'ve heard, right after the James Newton Howard Dinosaur track. Simply awesome. This is one of those where you question whether you are hearing the real thing or not.

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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    Wow! Magnificent. Big. Bold. Powerful. Masterful. I really love this. If Speilberg gets to hear this then Williams might be out of a job.

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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    Here\'s my take on this Mp3 sample.

    Wow! You ARE Mr. Hollywood! The brass is awesome but what\'s more impressive is the writing. Dark, haunting and very moving.

    Back to the Brass. Do I make the check out to Mr. Thomas, or?

    By the way, how much for the snares?

    Top Notch all around!

    PS. The audio seems very wide/depth. Is that a plugin or just smart panning?

    Francis Belardino
    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.

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    Re: Demo MP3 of my Brass Library

    Listen to it again. I forgot to mention that
    the music is very, very inspiring.

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